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As Above, So Below

As Above- So Below
Wow! Haven't we been bombarded with energies lately?
So many are feeling that theybeen through a wringer in recent weeks.
Well, we have been, so to speak.
The recent energy shifts have been giving many of us a kick in the behind to get us moving out of stagnant places, jobs and even relationships.  For some, it meant layoffs, company re-structuring and so on.
For others, it has meant becoming ill or injured so as to allow the universe and guides to speak and actually be heard!  when we are laid out and forced to listen to our inner wisdom, we can also feel, and hear our guides. 
For still others, old issues have been brought to the fore YET AGAIN!
Just when you thought you had finally dealth with this emotion or that old hurt, here we go again.  Just when you started to believe that you had a "handle" on how things were progressing- the bottom fell out again.
And for still others, there is an suddent sense of knowing, really knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are made as hell and aren't going to take it anymore!!!!!
But we've been down this road before you groan.  We were promised new beginnings, ascension and all kinds of new "stuff".
Well, the new stuff is here. 
We are in a period of increased ability to manifest new "stuff", change or transmute old negative "stuff' once and for all and have a positive effect on negative situations, relationships and situations.
But there's a catch.  There's always a catch, isn't there?
Here it is, in a nutshell.
Whatever you wish to manifest in terms of relationships, must be such that it will be good and sweet and wonderful for both parties, not just one.  So, you cannot hold someone as a love hostage nor should you remain in a relationship in which you are the love hostage.  Many of you will be forcibly learning the lesson of letting go of people, relationships or at least, some of the illusions of relationships.
Whatever you wish to manifest in terms of turning around a negative situation ( job, neighbour, family, friendships) must be beneficial to many, not just yourself.
Whatever you wish to manifest in terms of finances, abundance, health or anything else, must be of benefit to others as well.  how can you help others?  How can what you long for make someone else's life better as well?
Some of these are easy to "get" the hang of and others will take a bit of thinking.
The bare bones message though is that you are directly connected to Source and the universe is ready to help you with any of your needs and requests. 
But in light of the Dec. 2012 energy shifts toward a more unity consciousness, what we desire needs tio encompass others, even if only in some tiny way, in order to be in line with our Ascension as spiritual beings.
Up until just recently, we counted on divine guidance, messages from guides or angels or even superstitions to tell us what to do, how to do it, and which step to take.  
Many were afraid to take any step independently at all, lest they take a wrong step.  So, they waited. And took no steps at all.
Others tried to independently manifest businesses, new jobs, etc. but failed.  Not because they didn't wait for guidance, but simply because of timing.
NOW is the time of manifesting that which you desire as long as it is manifested with loving vibrations ( thoughts, words, wishes,) towards others.
NOW is the time to take a step by yourself, because you have been given all the divine wisdom you need at the present time to take that step toward a new beginning.  You are competent, able, divine and by no means anyone's puppet.  Not even a puppet of the universe.  ( Let that one sink in for a minute :)
NOW is the time to believe that the energy downloads you have been struggling with were really worth the effort, because you are more than ready- way more than ready- for new "stuff". 
Of course, many are still reeling, while we try to assimilate so much high vibrational divine energy into these mere human 3 dimensional bodies.
For those of you still dealing with dimensional fatigue- relax, get the extra sleep you need and stop feeling like something is wrong with you. ( Keeping in mind, however, that it is always best to see your health care professionalfor any condition such as overwhelming fatigue that persists for more than a few days.)
For those who are dealing with old emotional wound, hurts and those who seem to have relationship issues coming up again- find someone to talk to, either friend or professional- and know that this is your blessing.  You are being gifted with a final push- the last clean-up of old limiting beliefs- before you begin to manifest new "stuff" in your life.
For those of you who feel as though you are being challenged, tossed aside or  pushed out  of places or situations- rejoice!  You too are being gifted with the kick in the behind that tells you have been holding yourself back from sharing with the world the wonderful "YOU" that you are ccapable of being!
Whatever you believe could happen in heaven, nirvana, shangrila or on another planet, for that matter- can and does happen here on earth!
If you believe that in some alternate universer or on some other plane of existence , you could paint a masterpiece, write or sing a song that becomes a hit, play the piano to an audience speechless in awe of your talents, , teach, ride a horse, start a business, lead a nation, become an astronaut, heal others, become famous or live in a cabin and live off the land.... you can do it here, now, and exceedingly well.
 We are all very well equipped.  Just as no loving parent would not prepare a child before sending him or her into the world, so it is with Source and the universe.
We have been given all that we need. 
This is what we have been preparing for and working toward for such a long time.
Now is the time. 
  As long as you remember your millions of brothers and sisters and cousins ( even those of the finned, furred and feathered kind), and strive to make your dream extend in some small way to encompass others, you will be in line with universal love.
So get out there and start making your heaven on earth.
Wishing you light and love and your own little piece of Heaven.
Ava Jean (Jeannie)
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