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Better Days are Coming!
For the past two months (a bit more for some people) there have feelings of being blocked, stumped, hitting the wall, stuck in neutral, thwarted, resisted  ( well you get the general idea).
Things you used to love now hold no interest.  Even hobbies shared with your favorite people hold no allure. and there has been fatigue.  Oh my , the fatigue. The apathy. The worry over the lack of evidence that anything is happening.
Many people are reporting ringing in the ears, buzzing in the ears, tingles on the head or scalp, dizziness, anxiety that seems to be attached to nothing in particular.  Heart flutterings. Lightheadness or headaches have been common too.
There may be a feeling that the body is more dense than before or the legs are somehow almost glued to the ground.
As always, I must cvaution that some of these physical feelings may be indeed conditions that reequire medical attention.
But for those of who have long walked the path of Ascension, we know that these feelings also accompnay changes or shifts in the energy being held by our bodies.
Holding the new energies from December 2012 and the time since them, in addition to dealing with this full moon energy, is nothing but exhausting for many.
However, there are also those who experience the opposite symptoms of feeling wound up tighter than an alarm clock and wondering when the anxiety and tension about the future will abate.
Well, that depends on the individual and how he or she copes with change.
You see, not only are we continuting to purge the things, ideas, and items that no longer serve us on our new beginnings,. we are letting go of cellular memories as well.
For some, that may bring up old fears, old hurts and old limiting beliefs about the self, others and the world at large.
This cellular purging can also lead to feelings almost like panic, because as parts of US leave, we feel "different."
And for many, different is not seens as a good thing but something about which to worry, fret and lose sleep.
Many people are being moved physically out of homes, jobs, relationships, groups etc.
Others are seeing the dissolution of what they held as solid- watching things seemingly unravel right before  their eyes.
Many are finding that certain foods are suddenly "wrong" for their bodies.  I have been feeling more sensitivities to foods, smells, chemicals and the like.
Recently many have found that the noise levels in  restaurants, stores or other locations have been impossible to tolerate.
The desire for peace and quiet has increased as we are more sensitive to our surroundings now and need more time to recharge our batteries after the onslaught of noise and mixed energies.
There may be a desire to cocoon now, not just because of winter weather, but because of feelings of uncertainty or insecurity about one's abilities, purpose and desires.
Please know that this is a time of transmutation. We are in the midst of the alchemy of change that will fully prepare us for our next steps.
But we must be patient with the process and with ourselves.
Wrap yourself in visions of violet light, as violet is the colour of transmutation of lower energies into higher vibrational energy.
Wear violet.  Place violet coloured flowers (real or silk)  on your desk so that you may be reminded that all things are changing and becoming something better, even you:)
If you have to let go of certain people or relationships around this time, envision the beautiful purple ribbon connecting you and the other person at the navel area. 
And then, envision a gentle violet flame.  Watch it's flickering violet flame  passing under the ribbon, gently releasing both of you to your highest good.
In this way, there will be no residual negativity to keep you from moving through your individual transmutations.
And get as much rest as you need.  The old energies required us to be constantly on the go, planning, doing, and never just "being".
Take time now to just "be'. 
Wishing you peace, happiness and violet dreams.
Shine on!
Ava JKean (Jeannie) Lawler-Lunn
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