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Now What?

Dec. 21, 2012 Came & Went... Now What?
Oh, the many and varied theories that were flying around just two short weeks ago.
And although the metaphysical students of the world have tried to remain positive and looking forward to a new beginning... well, it just doesn't feel all shiny and new, does it?
We are in a period of adjustment, transition and assimilation at the present time.
So much happened energetically in the final three months of 2012 that we almost exhausted from the energy downloads way before we got to 12/12/12. 
The energies of that auspicious date were strong and experienced in different ways by different people.  However, we ALL knew that something had shifted.
Many people were more emotional than usual. 
 Some felt that it didn't really feel like Christmas. 
 Others, like myself, went overboard, shopping, baking, wrapping and generally overdosing on the Christmas mood and holiday music.
This particular Christmas/Holiday season brought forth long buried emotions for many, as we were being guided - yet again- to examine what makes us tick, so to speak.
This was and continues to be a time of reflection, looking at our relationships, whether they be good, bad, strained or joyful. 
We are being asked now to let go of old emotional wounds, but in order to do that, they must be brought to the forefront.
It  is important to forgive, in whatever ways we can and to whatever degrees we can, those who have wronged us- either by their ignorance or thoughtlessness or by design.
We need to see very clearly now, the individuals we love, those we have lost, those we have issues with, in order to ready ourselves for the next phase of the development of our authentic selves.
Just as the most serious wounds are the deepest and often need repeated cleansing, examination, flushing  and debris removal, so it is with our deepest issues at this time.
We are asked to closely examine those old wounds, relationships that no longer serve us and old, outdated beliefs about ourselves and others and let them go.
 But this time- really, really, let them go.
What goes back down into the darkness retains its power over us and festers. 
What is brought to the light of day is healed and released.
So, we must use this time - the first half of January 2013- to heal ourselves, pamper ourselves and just lie low. 
This will be tricky for many, as we have been conditioned to see the first days of January as the time to kick start an exercise regime, clean house, get organized, set big goals and just get moving.
Consider this.  We are doing just that, except that we will be dealing with the heightened emotions that are a big part of this transition time.
If you need to cry, watch a sad movie if necessary to get the tears flowing.  
 If you need to physically vent, have a serious punch-out with your pillow. 
If you need to feel loved, don't wait for it be offered by someone else. 
Pamper yourself.  Ask for a long, re-assuring hug.  Ask your significant other to speak the words you need to hear.
Do something you want to do, even if that is just sleep.
Now, for some of the symptoms of this energetic shift:
·         There is an awkward feeling similar to waiting  for the
           other shoe to drop. 
·         Our senses are heightened and even loud noises,
          crude talk, angry voices or anything that is not full of
          love and peace might be more unsettling to us than
·         Heart palpitations that feel like anxiety attacks are
           showing up again for many once again.
·         Worry about nothing in particular or everything in
·         Feelings of exhilaration and excitement followed by
           periods of inexplicable sadness ( no, you're NOT bi-
·         Pain in upper back, in the centre or the blades
          ( where your angel wings would be)
·         Stomach upsets- queasiness, feeling flu-like or even
          like your are pregnant ( for the females in my
           little group) :) ( We are still re-birthing)
·         Feeling like the plans and goals you had for yourself
          may need tweaking or a complete overhaul at one
          moment, then feeling excited all over again about
          your plans.
·         A feeling that everything is about to change but not   
           knowing how it come to be.
·         A deep fatigue and increased need for sleep.
·         Feeling as though we don't quite know to move our
           arms and legs in a cohesive, coordinated manner.
          ( I call this the wobblies)
·         Vision disturbances lasting from a few seconds to a
           few days.
·         For some, there may even be a sense that they are
          not the same as they were last month.   Something
          has changed. Something big.
A lot of these symptoms could be described as the usual post Christmas/holidays letdown. 
However, these symptoms are stronger and much more emotionally intense than the usual January blues.
Know that you are not alone. Many are experiencing these exact same symptoms and asking... what next?
Well- this is your call to work on yourself, with the most love andpampering you can possibly imagine giving yourself. 
The sky's the limit (within the limits of your bank account, of course).
Evaluate, forgive ( yes, especially forgive yourself), release people and situations to their highest good, and even dream up new twists to your earlier laid plans and dreams.
My guides indicate that mid January will pick up speed, and we may be met with some resistance from others, especially if we emerge from our short hibernation with vastly noticeable changes inour behaviors, demeanors or interactions with others.
Hold your own counsel.  Do not let this resistance stop you on your way to being your authentic self.  Don't even let it slow you down, even a little.
You deserve this.   This is your time to shine. 
 And I can't wait to see how bright you sparkle!
Wishing you light, love and all things good in 2013
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