Tired? Sad? Grumpy? Out of Sorts?

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Tired? Sad? Grumpy? Out of Sorts?
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Tired? Sad? Grumpy? Out of Sorts?

Tired? Sad? Grumpy? Just Plain Out of Sorts?
Well, that makes a whole lot of us!
The recent full moon packed a heck of a punch.  Not to mention the numerous power struggles of August.
You know the ones. 
Between you and your family; you and your co-workers; you and your spouse; you and the stranger at the gas pumps; you and yourself!!!!
The power struggles  jockeying for position, either within our own psyches, were just resistance to the changing energies and rising vibrations. 
 When negative energies are shaken by higher vibrations, they tend to fight stronger to try to retain their stronghold.  This is true from the the ongoing internal struggles we all face from time to time, to the grander stages of politics and world powers.
Some people in your circle of friends, family and acquaintances may have battled you for power.  Some of it was overt and easy to recognise.  Some of it was covert and clandestine.  Nonetheless, it was there.  It was part of our ongoing purging, releasing, letting go and tearing down for the purpose of rebuilding.
Yes I know, when will it end?  It will end when we have lost ourselves ( our old, 3D conditioned, conforming selves) to the process, surrendered fully to what is to be our new lives, our new purposes and our authentic selves. 
Much of what we are letting go of is the lies we have been told about ourselves, the lies we have told ourselves and even the lies we have told  others.  Likewise, we are seeing through the lies others have told us and seeing some people for the first time as they really are and not just how we wished them to be.
As the veil of knowledge is lifted our own veils or masks are being taken away, to reveal our authentic selves.
For this reason, we may feel emotions closer to the surface than before.  There be a feeling that we are just one big raw nerve or open wound.
Or we may feel overwhelmed with the 3D tasks required of us at the present time, wanting instead find a place of rest and serenity, to lick our wounds and absorb all that has happened of late.
Because, as we got lighter again, and lost some of our outer protective falshoods, we may have even lost some friends or acquaintenances.  As we discovered what we did and did not want in our lives, it has become necessary to sometimes be aggressive in our pruning. 
 Also, we tried to ground ourselves only to find that we had nothing to ground ourselves TO!  This is what happens when purging at such a level.  Not much remains that is familiar.  Almost everything feels like uncharted territory.
For many, there have been headaches, neck aches, blurry vision ( the wobblies again, as I like to call them); chest pain, heart flutters, feelings of anxiety, worry or outright panic.
Some may be experiencing feelings of not knowing where their legs are in space, leg pains, weakness or spasms in the legs.
There has been a massive download of crown chakra energy, so many of us have had almost non-stop tingles of the scalp, chills or goosebumps.
There have been fluctuations in our bodies' ability to regulate temperature.   Either very chilled or too hot and it's not related to menopause.
Some of us, myself included, have been undergoing a detox of a sort, with mutliple flu-like intestinal woes.
I liken this energetic period as akin to writing a message in the sand.  No sooner do we finish writing what we think we are about, then the tide comes along, washes it away and we are left wondering what to write (or be, try to be, aim for or aspire to) next.
Where is the bliss we were promised?  How much more of this ascension stuff can we suffer?
The difficulty here is that we were offered a taste of a new life, a new beginning, a new group of supportive souls and it was good. Then it left.  Or did it? 
With each major energetic shift, we feel the download of energies and new sympotoms, then for a bright and shining moment ( or several), we experience that sense of magic, that we can manifest anything.  
And then, away it goes, leaving us feeling bereft once again and wondering if what we seek is impossible after all.
Not so.  Not at all!  We can manifest but we need to mind the lessons as well.
The message here is three-fold. 
First, we need to be ok with the losing of the mask.  Let the light shine on YOU- the real you, so that others can get to know you and love you in all your genuine, authentic beauty. For many, it's been so long, if ever, that they knew who they were, that this is stress invoking.  It needn't be.
We see the birth of a baby as a joyous and wonderous event.  Well, that's what is happening right now.  You are being "birthed" and the world is about to see you as you were almost meant to be!  That's reason to rejoice.
Second, be in a state of love and gratitude with what you still have... that which is still in your life after all the purging.  Whether you give thanks for family, friends, acquaintances, pets,  your job, your home or food on the table, remember to have an attitude of gratitude for what remains.  Because what remains right now is meant to be part of your journey.
Thirdly, if you are battling illness, pain, financial woes, psychological or emotional pain there is something to be gained from the experience.  This is not to say that any struggle is fun- not so.  
But all struggles teach us something about ourselves.We learn just how strong we really are.  We learn that we can indeed count on ourselves, that we have power, that we have the ability to not only survive but often thrive when faced with daunting struggles.
The human spirit has always been strong.  But now, as we are being re-born in the ascension process, becoming our most authentic selves, we are about to find out just how miraculous we really are!
Believe in yourself.  Believe in the process.  Believe in your own power and beauty.  And believe that there is a blueprint for your life and you are about to start shining your light even brighter and  living it!
Shine On
Wishing you love and light
Ava Jean (Jeannie ) Lawler-Lunn
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