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Can You Hear Me Now?

Can You Hear Me Now?
Well, we're more than halfway through the horrible Mercury retrograde time. 
For a lot of us, that means poor communications. 
Dropped calls, phones just simply "dying" mid call.  Computer glitches.  Fax machines that don't seem to want to work properly, jam up, or  just plain stop working. 
For some, that can also mean scrmabled face to face communications with family, friends, loved ones, co-workers.
Add that to the upcoming full moon, and OH BOY!  are we in for a ride!
I expect to have some of those moments when I am speaking to someone and getting back nothing but a blank stare, perhaps a puzzled wrinkling of the brow and that look that says "I haven't got a clue what you're on about."
In addition to the communication snafu, there's that other thing... the buzzing energies of the coming full moon.   Expect to feel like a horse that's eager to run, but can't get out of the corral.   There will be a sense of hurry up and wait. 
For those of us fully engaged in the Ascension process, ( which is all of humanity, however WE are the ones who are paying attention), there are already some very interesting communications happening.  You know what I mean.
Ringing in the ears, strange buzzings, odd tingling at the crown chakra, hearing your name being called, seeing what the others cannot see. 
All of the senses are more finely tuned, messages are stronger, and again, there are feelings of separateness from others, while we become increasingly aware that we are all so very much connected. Oh yeah.... it's fun.
Now, we can add the comedy of hearing, seeing, feeling things from the 5th dimension, while all the tools we use for communication here on the 3rd dimension are malfunctioning. 
Where does that leave us? 
Somewhere between the two.  Not exactly free-floating in the 4th dimension, but in a place of calm, quiet and suspension, where we can tidy up loose ends, make plans for the future, ( which for me is August 8th, when Mercury will finally be doing her job) and all around biding our time.
You can't push a rope.  I don't know who was the first to say that but it's true, isn't it?  
During this time, we're not in a position to make a flurry of phone calls and get things done like the moving, shaking, multi-taskers that we are. 
It will be of no use to run around, looking for a hill from which your phone will work to its optimum best. 
Sometimes, we just need to wait it out. 
Hard to sit when you want to run.  Hard to keep your own counsel, when all you want to do communicate with the world!
But if we sit this out, wait, tidy up, plan, think, daydream, envision, visualize... you get the picture... we will be so, so ready to hit the ground running when it's all systems go again. 
Shine on,
Light and Love
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