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Beam Me Up Scottie...

Goodness, gracious, but we've been having some difficulties lately.  Communications have been a little tense lately. and, on occasion, have erupted into scathing words and the odd cold shoulder.
What gives?
Well, the recent full moon was a doozy, and pre and post full moon tension and anxieties were stronger and more noticeable than ever before.  Couples especially seem to have a hard time navigating the emotional storm of this past few weeks. 
For some, it may have been a time of simply feeling anxious about something and not quite knowing what.  For others, it may have become so tense at home that you founjd everything about your partner annoying, disturbing and getting under your skin.
What kinds of annoyances?  Oh, like his breathing,his eyebrows, his socks, the way he sucks takes too long in the bathroom.  You name it.
For the unmarrieds of the world, this aggravation might have revolved more around co-workers, fellow drivers, clerks in stores or the neighbour across the street.
What is this all about? 
We got another download of energies this past big moon, and I noticed that I have been feeling full body chills, feelings of internal vibration, increased crown chakra activity complete with tingling, buzzing and chills.
Heart racing, increased anxiety and feeling that things are moving too fast and anot fast enough all at the time.
Sound familiar?
This last big energy shift also found some people having disgestion problems, feelings of fullness or no appetite, nausea, diarrhea and more.
Some of us either slept way too much or couldn't stay asleep.
Ringing in the ears was common too.
We have been assimilating a lot of new energy lately, as we vibrate at higher frequencies and,oddley enough and that has translated into eating less or more, sleeping less or more and feeling emotional strung out and tightly wound or zoned out and having trouble feeling much of anything.
What this means?
We need to be kind to ourselves, as we are trying, once again, to re-calibrate ourselves, re-aline to our new energy quotient and figure out where we are n our south paths and exactly what we are to do next.
Be patient, and believe in your own strengths, abilities and themagic inside of you.  You are learning to "be" in the new you and you still need your training wheels for a time.
For those of you who have been struggling with loved ones who are nay sayers... hang in there.  There will soon be a time when you will be vindicated, so to speak.  You are a way-shower and by following the ascension path and listening to your heart, you are leading others to become who they are as well. 
As you ascend in consciousness, love and your own divinity, know that discord is normal, unavoidable.  We are all still human and when trying to be a spiritual being in a 3D environment, we are bound to meet with obstacles. 
Sometimes, the very people we expect to fully understand and accept us are the ones who bring us to feelings of self doubt, shame, sadness and regret. 
Rest assured, if your heart (spirit) tells you are on the right path, then you ARE.!
Your enthusiasm isaboutto return along with confidence and perhaps some money to help take the pressure off.  You have some great ideas and now is the time to talk about your plans, goals and dreams. 
It's also time for you to look at your close relationships and decide now to use your intuition and charm to help someone understand you and your unique reality.  Who knows what wonderful results you may achieve?
If relationship troubles have caused ripples in the waters of romance or if there seems to be no activity at all in that regard, use this time to remember what this relationship is all about, why you chose this person, and how much love surrounds you.
Keep love alive, keep your dreams alive and most importantly, keep alive that most wonderful relationship you have with your higher self, your creator and all the beauty that life has to offer.
You are love, you are special, you are the light of the world.  And if your candle flickers from time, don't worry.  So do the candles of the rest of us.  And the rest of us need YOU!
Wishing you love, light and the courage to be true to yourself....
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