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Finding Balance

Finding Balance
Happy New Year, everyone.
What I want to say to everyone at this very special point in time and in our earthly development is simply this.... 
Now is the time to be yourself.  To connect with your inner divinity.  To find out once and for all who you REALLY are and what your spirit craves.  The time to be timid is gone.  The time to tippy toe around issues is gone.  The time to love yourself, honor yourself and do what is best for you... has arrived.  
Feminine energies are gaining strength at a rapid rate.  Many women are suddenly " seeing" for the very first time, the patterns of self deprivation, self sacrifice and other ways in which they (we) have been limiting ourselves.  Here's the thing.  We know and have always known, that it is important to nurture that which we want to grow and thrive.  We're mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, lovers and in all of those roles, women have taken the loving and compassionate path.   
As spiritual beings, having an earthly experience, many women have had the mistaken belief that in order to be loving, they must abandon their allegiance to self.   That, to be a true nurturer, they must be all things to all people, at all times  and must never, ever focus on the self.
  We've all met women who have scratched and clawed their way to the top in business and have become agressive, brittle and very much like the more aggressive and brittle of men they battled on the way to the top.  
These women, too, are as out of touch with themselves and their power as their "sisters" who have not yet claimed their own power. 
What is needed now is balance.  Work/life balance, feminine/masculine balance. 
The universe requires- nay demands- that there be balance in all things.  
This year- this wonderful 2012, will be just the year for women to begin to nurture themselves, to thrive in that nurturing and to become one with their higher selves.  This year will also see a softening of the aggressiveness previously exhibited by some men, as they find, accept and nurture the feminine aspects of their own souls.  
The Ascension path hasn't been easy for any of us up to this point, and many people will continue to struggle with odd emotional "overflow", feelings of fear of the unknown, and apprehension, as we all advance into new territory. As we get kicked out of one reality and nudged into another, we need to find like-minded individuals- kindred spirits, if you will- along the way.  And of course, we need to remember the story of the butterfly ( an earlier blog on this site. )
We're finished with the enabler role forever.  Our roles now are to love and encourage, but not to jump in and save another from their own fate.  Similar to the butterfly whose well meaning "helper" crippled its wings, we too, in our innocent exuberance, may have hindered rather helped others on their paths. 
No, those days are gone.  Now, we will love, acknowledge, give thanks and shed our fears as we make our way into new territory.  
 Now is the time to shine your light, share your knowledge, and lovingly wish others a good soul path journey as we continue to learn more about who we are.   
I am so enjoying this time of discovery, quantum jumping and almost instant manifestation of the truth I seek.
 Happy 2012, everyone.
 Wishing you love, light and wonderful new beginnings.  
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