The Veil Has Lifted- We Can See for Miles!

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The Veil Has Lifted- We can See for Miles!
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The Veil Has Lifted- We Can See for Miles!

The Veil has Lifted... we can see for miles
The Veil Has Lifted... We Can See for Miles!
Oh my goodness... we were up (briefly) then down, then up ( again briefly), then down even deeper. 
ShareWe have plumbed the depths of our souls and found ourselves wandering in the vast wasteland of what used to be our very well laid out plans, dreams and goals.   Just when we thought we were lifting out of the ascension goo, we  sank even deeper, and quicksand feeling of losing the battle, both physically and spiritually, seemed destined to suck us into the abyss even further.
Aches and pains and tears- oh my!
Where to begin.
How about the feeling of being pregnant?  That tired, somewhat nauseated, often light-headed feeling of not being "quite right".    Don't forget, that we have been very busy, in our waking and sleeping hours, "birthing" a new world.  The heaviness is always necessary as a way of keeping us grounded.  Especially necessary after the new light energies of 11/11/11. 
Many of us gained weight in the tummy area, even though we didn't over-indulge over the holidays.  ( Sheesh, how much more grounding do I need?) 
There has been a tremendous feeling of sadness surrounding many and those whose clairesentient (feelings) gifts are awakening are reporting feeling great sadness emanating from others.
Why? For many, the heart chakra has been the area of most intense opening and some people "see" with the heart.  When one's heart chakra has experienced an opening, often there is a feeling of an open wound. 
Similarly, there is an avalanche of emotion, not just for self, but for others, and since 11/11/11/, many have become suddenly aware of the pain and suffering of others, of inequalities and injustices;  of the harm to animals and mother earth.   This kind of new awareness - of "seeing" with the heart- can feel overwhelming.
Then there were the headaches, the dizziness, and the pressure on the sinuses.  Listen up, ladies ( and gents- I have a few guys who follow the blogs)
The third eye, the brow chakra, received a great deal of attention lately, and many people are beginning to "see" in a number of  different ways.  Some people are simply seeing people for what and who they truly are, and almost instantly determining, without waffling, whether said person  (or place, job, etc) is good  for them at this point on the soul path, or not so good.for them.
Many are more able to see, discern and release the person or situation to their ( or it's ) greatest good much more rapidly than ever
Some are now able to see auras.  Some are reporting seeing spirit. 
For those who are not so visually oriented, there is a sense of knowing, thanks in part to massive amounts of knowledge being delivered through the crown chakra.  Hence, the headaches, dizzy spells, occasional blurred vision.
( Note- please never assume that such symptoms are only ascension related and always seek medical attention when feeling unwell.)
Many are experiencing back pain.  Some in the mid (thoracic area) of the back, and others in the lower (lumbar) region.   And there have been reports of heaviness in the legs, feet and sometimes a sense of not knowing where you're stepping.
There is an overall sense of feeling unsupported in the world right now.  And rightfully so, as many of the things we have held close have now left us, fallen away, or we have purged of our own free will. 
We are forging new trails, and find that even what we thought was our skill set, our purpose or gift to others is not as it seemed.  Even our chosen careers are undergoing change, and many will find themselves bereft of the solid "same old, same old" that most of we humans know and love.
Be gentle with yourselves.  If you feel the need to cry for your own pain,the pain of other humans,  the pain of our four legged, finned or winged relations, or the pain of the world, then allow yourself to do so.
This a time to take what you used to "know", filter and sift it together with what you now "know"- since the veil lifted- and accept that the new clearer vision is truly a gift.  In fact, it is simply the first of many to come.
 It is also important to unwind, let go and be flexible enough to bend, not only to release the tensions we have built up of late through worry of the unknown and the roller coaster ride of changes, but to allow ourselves to be directed,  ever so gently, toward the new bends in the road ahead.
Rest, walk, stretch, get a massage, do whatever it takes to remind yourself to remain flexible. 
Don't worry so much about the bend in the road.... your "vision" has never been more clear and you will travel lighter when you begin to trust in your own instinct, intuition and vision.
We're all pretty lucky ( and let's be honest, tired out) from the long ascension road.  But, aren't you glad we can finally "see" where we're heading?  No more fumbling in the dark.  The light has arrived.   Let yours shine!!!!!
Wishing you love, light and wonderful new beginnings,
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