using a pendulum to get the answers you need- developing your intui

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using a pendulum to get the answers you need- developing your intui

Pendulum white quartzUsing a Pendulum to Get the Answers You Need-
Developing Your Own Intuitive Gifts
Use of a pendulum or dowsing pendulum has been a common practice for hundreds of years. 
Wise women (and men) have used this method of divining as a fast and easy way to get answers to their most pressing questions. 
 As a practicing psychic with over 30 years’ experience, I use pendulums often.  And now you can too.
What is a Dowsing Pendulum?
Housewives of times past used to swing a needle on a long threadback and forth over a pregnant woman’s belly to determine the gender of the unborn child. 
 In some societies, a stone is tied to a string.  Almost anything that can readily swing back and forth can be used.
Because it is not the pendulum that is working its magic- it’s you!  I’ll explain later, but for the time being, let’s get started.
Make Your Temporary Pendulum ( or buy one at New Beginnings Guidance
Any of these things will work as focals-
·        Small pebble
·        A favourite ring
·        A sewing needle
·        Any small object that can be tied to a string or ribbon and balanced when being held in the air. Lopsided trinkets will not work.
Find your object.  Tie it to a string, chain or ribbon, so that you have at least 6 inches of “hang” and no more than 10 inches.
Once you have made your trial pendulum, you may want to sit with it in thought or meditation, so that you feel a comfortable connection with your new divination tool.
If you have purchased a crystal pendulum, you will want to cleanse it by soaking in sea salt and water solution (even ½ hour will do) and sittingit outside in the moonlight or in sunlight to energize. 
You may also want to “charge” your crystal pendulum by holding it gently, asking it to be your partner in divination and infusing it with your personal soul energy.
What Now?
Make sure you have some un-interrupted time to work with you pendulum and a relaxed, quiet environment in which to ask questions.
When I work with mine, I use either a rose quartz, moonstone or amethyst pendulum.  But for beginner’s purposes, any pendulum will do.
Next, I say a small prayer, surround myself with pure, white light- the Christ light- and ask that only the highest spiritual energies come through. 
 When I work with mine, I ask that my guides, my animal guides, my higher self, or Jesus work with me to obtain only the most positive results for the good of all and harm to none.
Several deep, calming breaths are helpful to centering and relaxing, so as to be open to receive messages.
With a new pendulum, I begin by holding the pendulum in my left hand ( the receiving hand, as well as the psychic input hand), resting my elbow on the table. 
While holding it firmly but not tensely, I ask the pendulum to indicate to me the direction it will swing if the answer to a question is YES.  I repeat the question to find the directional swing forNO.  I also ask which movement will indicate that the answer is not known at present or if I am not meant to know at this time. 
I thank the pendulum for helping me and giving me these directional answers.
Working with the Pendulum
You may want to ask a test question or two, just to assure yourself that, yes, this does indeed work.  Like, for example, is my name _____?  Do I live in the city of ____?
Now, for the good stuff.
Ask a question for which the answer could be yes or no.  Make sure your arm is comfortably supported, and give the pendulum time to “think”. 
When a determination is being made, the crystal, ring, needle or pebble might seem to shake and shimmy.  This is good!  That’s an indication that you are indeed receiving. 
Wait until the shimmy stops, then allow the pendulum to swing as it may.
If the direction seems to be other than those established at the beginning of the session, you can always stop the movement, ask for clarification, and start anew.
Sometimes there will be no shimmy or shake and it may appear that nothing is going to happen.  Not so. 
You will just need to be patient, and wait for the slightest faint directional movement.
I always say thank you after receiving an answer and stop the directional movement by holding the pendulum bottom still inmy hand for a second, before asking the next question.
If your arm starts to tire, it is best to rest briefly. 
If the muscles tire, and you persist, there’s a chance that directional movement and subsequent answers will be due to shaky muscles and not divination.
There are a multitude of charts, maps and “rules” about dowsing pendulum use but the truth is this: if you are patient, relaxed and open when you do the ”work” you will be successful and you’ll develop your intuitive abilities greatly.
Wow- Why Does This Work?
When you are concentrating on your question, and waiting for your answer, you are focused and intently “open” to receiving guidance.  
When you are in this state of acceptance and willingness to see, feel, hear, sense whatever it is that you need, you will indeed receive that information.
Your higher self, that part of you that is intuitive and connected to source, is always there to help you and guide you. 
You will, in effect, be tapping into this wise, psychic part of yourself when you engage in exercises such as dowsing. 
It is important to remember to ask for guidance as well from angels, guides, and benevolent spirits who can assist on your journey to discovering your psychic self and connecting to your higher being.
It is of the utmost importance to surround yourself, anyone else in the room with you, and even your cat, dog, bird or fish before beginning any esoteric activity. 
 NEVER just dabble and remember that this is not a game.  This is serious, highly spiritual activity that should always be undertaken with respect. 
I hope you have enjoyed these first few steps on the intuitive path.  You have the ability.  We all do. 
And in these wonderful times of Ascension, many are finally becoming their authentic, intuitive, multi-talented and gifted selves.
Congratulations on starting on your psychic development path!
Wishing you light, love and beautiful new beginnings
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