One Door Closes and Another Door Opens

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One Door Closes and Another Door Opens

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One Door Closes and Another Door Opens.  Are You Ready?
One Door Closes and Another Door Opens
Sounds a little cliche, doesn't it? 
Well, this update is far from that...
But the underlying message is this- there is a definite feminine energy afoot right now and opportunities abound for our continued ascension and growth but only if we are willing to let the door hit us in the rear on the way out and leap out of the comfort zone.
During this exciting but troubling time, with so much happening around the world, at  a seemingly accelerated pace ( true ) many of us have experienced some very intense feelings and symptoms or labor pains.
Fatigue to the point of outr ight exhaustion have caused many to simply stop dead in their tracks and re-evaluate.  This fatigue was caused in part by our sense of inability to be of any significant service or make any real difference in the accelerated purging currently underway around the world.  From failing global economies to world leaders being toppled to hurricanes and earthquakes being felt in places heretofor untouched by such tremors, the rapid fire pace of change has more than exhausted some.
Add this to Mercury being retrograde until today ( think mega bumpy communications and difficulty connecting at any level ) and we had a recipe for feeling stymied.
There is also a feeling, though, that many of us, me included, have needed to be either stopped or drastically slowed down in order to remember to breathe, to feel and to fully understand the gifts being given.  ( Yeah, the unpleasant ones, too).
Many have actually felt sick around some people, experienced nausea, agitation and the like, due the differences in vibration.  Some have been feeling a deep sense of loss and not knowing where this is coming from, but knowing it is very real.  Some have been irritable with a sort of "the devil made me do it" kind of feeling, as though not liking your irritability but not being to do a darn thing about it.
Other symptoms of late include intermittent feelings of confusion, anxiety ranging from a little flutter of worry to full blown anxiety attacks or panic and one of the most annoying... deep, abiding apathy.
Reasons for this feeling of spinning one's wheels are many and varied but here are the main reasons:
  • It is important to really see, hear, sense, feel and comprehend what is going on around us at this time.  Messages are being given and we need to "get" the lesson, so we can continue on the ascension path without too many further disruptions or slowdowns.
  • We are still working on clearing out the debris of previous times, events, experiences, relationships and false beliefs.  And, the deepest stuff is always the most difficult.  Many will need to take a significant amount of time to sort out relationships and beliefs.  Beliefs about who we are, who others are and to really "see".  For some, this time will be a unique first!  For others, it may create feelings of "oh no, not more of this again".
  • There are areas of confusion that must be dealt with and NOW. Who are you, really? Are you walking the walk?  Are you really ready to walk through that open door, or are you still only willing to stand in the doorway?  Are you still staring at that old door- the one that is now closed?  Or worse still, are you stuck in a revolving door, going round and round, experiencing the same old, same old, never quite brave enough to jump out of that crazy spin cycle?
  • In  a time of increasing  unity consciousness we are still sorting, clearing and ending not only jobs and homes, but relationships, even familial ones.
  • Many of us need this time of clarity of sight, clarity of thought. We simply cannot continue to stumble along without seeing clearly,  feeling deeply, really hearing and, once and for all, comprehending our own worth- not just say it, but mean it.  Feeling what you need, what you really want, what you deserve.
  • This is a time to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.  ( Now there's a mouthful).  It's time to look at the areas of our lives that cause discomfort and dive in for a closer look at the wreckage- for that's where we find gold, wisdom and closure) It's not always pretty but it must be done.  We are doing the last bits of hard work now, this mining for gold, getting ready for the new beginnings that we are creating with our willingness to grow and change.   Being "stuck" is often when we do our best soul path work. :)
  • Rest assured unity consciousness does NOT mean that you have to love absolutely everything about everyone on the planet or you have somehow missed the ascension boat.  You just need to be ready to draw like souls to you and gently release those who are not travelling a similar path to your own. You cannot change them, only yourself.  So if they are not willing or able to travel the ascension path with you, gently release them to their highest and best - whatever that may be.
  • This is NOT a time to bring about huge changes, but to welcome the blessings that been given, the good and the "bad" as the great teaching tools that they are and to allow greater comprehension of the ways in which we have grown recently.  Now THAT is time well spent.
  • It's time to move out of the doorway and pass through that next door.  You may leave others behind.  They may catch up with you later.  Or  they may choose a different door to a different path. No matter. This is your time. 
  • The gifts you have to share are just now being revealed, even to you.  The old you is fading away, with each new lesson, each new hello and each goodbye.  Revel in the you that is emerging.   Don't worry that the entire new picture isn't yet clear.  Just trust that there is something good on the other side of that door of discovery. 
The next few months will be a time of even more rapid changes not only within yourselves but within and upon the world at large.  Fear ( False Evidence Appearing Real) only ripples out and attracts more fear. 
Let's step bravely and joyfully through that doorway.  Our new roles and new beginnings are getting closer and closer.
And  yep, I WILL let the door hit me in the behind on my out!
Wishing you light and love and fearlessness
Ava Jean Lawler-Lunn
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