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In Need of Some Earth Boots?

                             In Need of Some Earth Boots?
Solstice hit us with a whammy again!
Remember how not so long ago, some of us were complaining of the heaviness in the legs, the feeling of being weighed down, the lack of movement and activity in terms of progress and growth?  How we felt so deeply and almost uncomfortably anchored?
The solstice has changed all of that.  With this incredibly powerful shift, as in most solstice and equinox times, the veil was indeed very thin and we "crossed over" so to speak.
As the veil thins, and as we continue to experiement with our new freedome, we continue to experience periods of dizziness, vertigo and an occasional feeling of being ungrounded.
There may be a sense of major changes in terms of relationships, the home life, our careers etc.   There are many people who are being brought to their knees ( or backs) so to speak, in order to slow them down. This happens by way of illness, accident or other form of grounding.
This is necessary not only to re-charge for the increased energies but also to encourage ( force) open hearted dealing with internal conflicts, fears, self doubts and anything else that may be hindering growth.   Forward movement is always possible, but without personal and spiritual growth, it is usually short lived and unsatisfying. 
For the rest of us, there will be what I like to call "the wobblies". 
For those who don't know, the wobblies are those times of energetic change when we are trying to assimilate new energies, new experiences, new self revelations... all while grappling with a sense that time is off. 
Watch for feelings of Deja Vu ( the sense that you have seen, heard, experienced something before) because you probably have- in your dream state or astral travels to the other realms.
The darker energies continue rise up such as in the mob riots in Vancouver, to challenge our steadfast belief in a new enlightened age of ascension.  The hundreds of young people who used their hand-held technological devices for the good, by reporting the vandals and criminals, is further proof of the overall ascension progress and the passing away of the old dark days.
Some of you may still be feeling the fatigue from the last energy shift.  That, coupled with the sped up energies, can be even more exhausting.
Feelings of being light, lightheaded, almost light as a feather, with no sense of solid ground,  can be confusing and lead to feelings of not wanting to continue on this path of enlightenment.  
Please don't give up now, when you have invested so much of your heart and soul! 
You are the bringers of light and joy to a world so badly in need of both.  You are the continuing hope of a new world where your inner divinity will be valued and met  with more of the same!
If you're feeling a little too "light" as you carry your light, put on your earth boots for awhile until you feel a gentle balance of lightness and groundedness.  How?
As always, it is important to be in the moment.  Put your energies into focusing on something- anything.
Write!  Write in a journal, write a letter, write a poem.  (By the way, writing and typing are not the same thing.  You will need to write, letting your hand flow with the movements of cursive writing and let yourself feel the pen as it touches the paper).
Writing is always a good grounding activity, after meditation or when feeling "scattered'.
Carry a carnelian, a good grounding stone.  Or combine a clear quartz crystal with a carnelion, for a feeling of balance.
Touch the earth.  Dig in your garden, "feel" tree bark, pick up a pebble and hold it in your hand.  Sit on the ground.  Place your hands on wood whenever possible, as it carries mother earth energy.
Know that, despite the negative updates that always seem to reach the news ( good news doesn't sell, they say) we ARE making progress.  We ARE bringing light and love into a world that has been long overdue.  We ARE making a difference and continue to do so every day. 
What a wonderful, fascinating time to be alive!
Today is a day to envision what you want your new life to be, how you want it to feel and decree this to the universe!
Wrap yourself in bubble gum pink light ( the light of love and childlike happiness) and dance your way into your dreams.  (If you're still shaking off the fatigue, snuggle into your dreams and know that you are soon going to be re-charged).
In Light and Love
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