Out of Time, Out of Energy, Out of Your Mind?

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Out of Time, Out of Energy, Out of Your Mind?

Out of Time, Out of Energy, 
 and Feel Like You're Going
Out of Your Mind?
Well, you're not!
Lately, it may seem to many of you sensitives that the world is spinning out of control.  There has been such a dramatic change in energies that we can feel out of sync with everything...
It may feel to you as though you can't remember things that you normally would never forget.  You may have periods of outright confusion.
Another ascension symptom for many of us during the past few weeks has been extreme fatigue, which wouldn't be so bad if we weren't also having sleep disturbances.
We're doing a lot of astral travel lately, moving about in our dream states, checking out other places, other spaces and trying things on for size. We've also been processing, releasing and trying to assimilate new energies  at a faster rate than ever before.  At lot of this is being done during our dream time, particularly because  it seems there is never enough time to get anything done during the day!
So, when you are busy during the times you are supposed to be sleeping, there will be fatigue and don't we know it.
But we are also having this trouble staying asleep.  This feeling of busyness just won't let go, even to let us rest.
My sister put it best.  She said she doesn't want to just go to bed to get away from the crazy fast spinning world. she'd like to hide under it!   Well put, Lianna.
Many women on the ascension path will be having headaches, from mild to migraine, due to the continued opening of the third eye. ( I will write about that in my next post).
The heaviness in the legs,  (you know who you are... dragging those things around like lead weights)  is the 3D body's way (weigh) of trying to ground us so we don't just up and fly away. 
Other syptoms include a feeling of wanting to cry;
 intense compassion/empathy  felt for people, animals, mother earth;
an almost overwhelming desire for quiet, peace and a connection to nature.
This is further opening of the heart chakra and you re-learning that you are connected to everyone and everything.
Complete and utter confusion as to decision making, choices, etc.
apathy about... well, who really cares?
( suspended animation is  the best way to describe this and it is because we are supposed to be in a sort of holding pattern right now).
And, for some, there have been almost scary moments of feeling like you have just been dropped in some foreign land. Your own neighbourhood might look different to you, your belongings may seem strange.  You may look at a book, an article of clothing, a picture etc and simply think "what was I thinking???"
This is because you are coming into greater alignment with your higher self.  The you looking strangely at objects and feeling odd when around certain things or people, is not the same as the you of a week, a month, a year ago.
You are growing, expanding, and ascending in consciousness. 
The  desire for sleep is necessary for you to assimilate the new energies and knowledge being "downloaded" to you  so rest whenever you can.   You're not wasting time, you are in the chrysalis stage and building a new you!
Be in nature at every opportunity. Hug a tree, ( or just sit near one)   focus on the song of one  bird and really, really listen.   Be in the moment and see, hear, taste, touch, feel the moment... it is for you.
Avoid crowds and noisy places when you are feeling super sensitive.  Not forever... just for a little  while.  You can always visit later. 
Let go of anger, however you can.  ( that's for another post, I guess).  If you can't avoid noisy and aggressive people and situations, go within to that quiet, peaceful place so that your spirit remains unrattled.
The same way you would protect a chrysalis found in the garden, be gentle with yourself, as you are giving birth to a new you!
With love and bubble gum light ( that's another lesson)
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