Deja vu All Over Again?

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Deja vu All Over Again
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Deja vu All Over Again?

Welcome once again to New Beginnings.
Before we get into the most recent signs and symptoms, I would like to apologise for not having completed the products section of the website. 
I promise I will get to it  soon. 
But there seem to have been a  myriad of other things to  deal with in the past weeks, and so it goes.
Whew, what a rollercoaster ride we have had of late.
First of all, we have been pushed out of cocoons so to speak at almost warp speed.  We have launched from releasing to creating, with little room or time to even breathe.
As with almost every "download" of light and higher vibrational energy, we get physical and emotional signs and symptoms and the occasional "scenario" that serves to prove to us just where we are on the Ascension path.
So, let's take them one at a time, shall we?
DeJa Vu?
My, oh my, but we are running into people and situations from the past.  Just when you think you are on your way toward your new beginning, your new you, someone or something shows up and you find yourself reacting instead of observing. 
Old patterns, old hurts, old fears are arising now, to show us clearly where we need to examine, release, reframe and begin again.
Many of us are being faced head on with our old fears, family beliefs, perceived limitations and other old, tired, negative programming.
These may surface as the old "I'm not good enough, I"m not smart enough, I could never do that, I'm too fat, too thin, too old, too young, too poor,  etc, etc."
Not only are we being what seems like stalked by our old fears, we have people and situations showing up to PROVE to us just how inadequate we really are!
Listen closely, please... these are false and the scenarios that seem oh so real are just resistance.
Whenever  we are the brink of something wonderful, something so new and pure and completely US that we want to break into song, the old programming returns to tell us that we can't possibly have or do or be a certain thing or way.
We need to recognise this for what it is... fear of the new, fear of letting go, fear of creating without a crisp, clear blueprint and a 20 year warranty or guarantee of success!
Apologies to the original author, but I can't remember where I read the following:
F- False
E- Evidence
A- Appearing
Thnk about this.  Really give it some thought... and you will see that this is the basis for  many failed projects, broken hearts, ended relationships and abandoned dreams.
The scenarios arising now are meant to show you where you need to free yourself from old, negative, out-dated beliefs. 
When you begin to live in harmony with your higher self, there is no room for self doubt, self sabotage, self denial.  There is only room for love.  Love of the Creator, love of self, love of others, love of what is... even if you don't understand how it all fits together.
Physical Symptoms
  • Nausea, again the light-headedness, feeling "blah".
  • Tingling of the scalp as  the crown chakra continues to receive light the and information  needed for you to assimmilate your 3D self with your higher self.
  • "Heavy legs", as your body attempts to ground itself.
  • Aches and pains in upper and lower extremities, as though you have been swimming for a long time.
  • Changes in vision... sometimes feeling as though your glasses, if fyou wear them, belong to someone else.
  • Changes in balance and gait... sometimes feeling as though you are not quite sure where your feet and legs are in space.
  • Sudden changes in food preference.  Suddenly disliking a particular food and not being able to force it down.
  • Increase in appetite (attempts to ground oneself)  or great decrease in appetite (needing to release the feeling of heaviness, after having downloaded new information and light).
  • Strong olfactory acuity.  Things seem to smell stronger or noticing the scent of items not previously noticed.
  • Strong sense of  "knowing".  I know that I know but I don't know how I know, sort of feeling.
Emotional Symptoms
  • A feeling of overall discomfort, as though waiting for something and not knowing if it for good or ill, the general feeling we are getting to used to over the past months and years.
  • Feelings of sadness, remorse for past deeds, losses or misunderstandings. A deep understanding of your own actions and motives as well as those of others.
  • Feeling like you "love" absolute strangers you encounter in day to day life.  This is your higher self recognising and responding to the other's higher self.
  • Deep, genuine care, concern and grief over the loss of life in areas other than your own.  Not just fleeting concern, but very real "connections" with the suffering of others.
  • Apathy in terms of work, money, material gain, and acqusition. ( Your higher self is in full swing  and operating as the higher self version of you, you find you are more interested in connection, love and oneness than anything mundane like material goods and possessions, although you still have to pay the bills in our 3D world).
  • A deep need for sleep, solitude and peace. ( You are trying to integrate, process the new light and "make sense" of it all).
  • Period of frenetic activity, as though your brain is working at top speed and your body can't follow. ( Your mind is operating in the new dimension, while your body is stuck, for now, in 3D)
What Now?
Nothing.  You are exactly where you are supposed to be, doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing.
We all need to take time to be in the moment, feel the emotion, learn the lesson,love the ride and see it all for what it is... a great big, wonderful classroom just for us.
This is the time of revelation, the time when the veil is lifting and we are being made to see clearly and to remember.   Remember who we are, how connected we are, and what absolutely wild and wonderful power we have in ourselves and each other.
by all means, watch TV, read, surf the net and be informed of what is happening around the world.  Feel the sadness if you will.
But remain calm and peaceful inside yourself, knowing that the paths others are on are perfect for them, and the road you walk is perfect for you.
Now is a time to observe... your life and the lives of others.  Watch your life unfold, without attachment to what has been ( that time is gone) or what will be ( that time is not here yet) without fear( because that is false evidence appearing real) and  joy when you really connect not only with others, but with your authentic self.
Learn to live with "preferences" instead of expectations or demands, because preferences allow you to be happy with a number of possible outcomes and keeps the element of surprise alive and well.
Begin to create.  Don't worry about what to create... when you think with your heart, you'll know.  Sew something, bake something, write something, sing something... as long as it's all yours, it will be perfect!
This is a special time to be alive and you are all special souls in your own right. This is your time to show  the world who you are, Ascension symptoms and all . 
Show them the light in your soul.  Sparkle on!!!!!
Love and Light to you all
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