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Women of Ascension- Releasing to Receive
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Women of Ascension- Releasing to Receive

Butterfly, as in New Beginnings, signifying release to receive. Ascension guidance, women of ascension, psychic readings, intuitive counseling, personal coaching, Welcome to Women of Ascension- my blog from New Beginnings. 
Here, I hope to give you an overview of the ascension process, share some energy updates and the accompanying symptoms or "growing pains" and to help women to become their most authentic, wonderful selves.
It is my hope that each one of you, at your own pace, stretches the boundaries of your world to experience the joy of being the you that you were meant to be!
Now, let's get started.
The most  recent full moon was especially powerful for the senstivies among us.  You may have experienced light headedness, dizzy spells, leg pains, pains on the tops of your feet, back pain in the centre of the back, heart "palpitations", irritability, anxiety, sleep disturbance and/or a wide variety of other symptoms. ( in all cases, you should always see a doctor for any troubling symptoms).
It may have felt to some as though you were on a edge of a cliff, hanging on by your fingernails, waiting for someone to come to the rescue with a rope  or at least a plausible answer.
Well, there was no rope, no rescue, no nothin'. 
We are still in a period of releasing and trusting that the void will be filled; that the leap of faith will pay off and there will be something to replace what we have released.
Many of us have given up so much in recent months, ( ok, years) and there may seem to be no end to the amount of release, giving, etc.
There are reasons for this. 
We cannot possibly be ready to accept our full potential, unless and until we are empty of the junk of the past.
That "junk" may be things, possessions, beliefs, anger, grudges, fear, habits, emotions, relationships or anything else that no longer serves our best interests.
If someone rushes in to rescue us- to save us from the pain of self assessment and release, then we don't grow in our own strength and purpose.
Remember the story about the cocoon?   A little boy found a cocoon, a chrysalis, and watched and waited patiently for the emergence of a beautiful butterfly. 
Once the butterfly finally began to move about in the cocoon, struggling to become free, the little boy felt sorry for her.  And besides, he had already waited for what seemed like a very long time to witness the emergence. 
So, decided to "help" the butterfy in her new birth.
He made a hole in the chrysalis, then a bigger hole, and eased the butterfly out.
But, instead of flying about with it's beautiful new wings, the butterfly lay on the table, with wings that would not fly.
You see, the struggle of emergence as a new, beautiful creature, was the way the butterfly's wings would grow and strengthen, eventually allowing her to fly high and far as her rightful, authentic, beautiful self.
The act of rescuing her, although well intentioned, was what stopped her development!
She needed that struggle, for without struggle, her wings would not develop enough to take her where she needed and wanted to go.
How similar to our journey, as women.
We often allow others to determine who we will be, how we will be and even the timing of the entire process!
We often fall victim to "helpers" who, although well meaning, can actually distract us from our true purposes and soul journeys.
At this time, we are being asked to endure the struggle and look within for the lessons being learned, the strength being gained and the glimpses into our souls that are being offered.
Every woman has within her a free spirit, a wild and colorful butterfly, just  now struggling to emerge.
Your butterfly or spirit is different than anyone else in the universe, and no one can fill the place you are meant to be fill during this incarnation.
The task at hand is to be fully present during your individual struggles, live them, own them and wherever possible, be grateful for them.
Yes, that's what I said.  Be grateful for whatever struggle you are currently experiencing, whether it is physical, emotional, financial or otherwise. 
These struggles are blessings in disguise- tools to help you discover your own strength.  Sounds cliche, doesn't it?
It is during these times of struggle,release and faith in the future, like the butterfly leaving the safety and comfort of the chrysalis, that we come to know what is really available to us. 
Nature abhors a vacuum so, when you release something from your life, you are actually saying " I am ready for something new to come into my life- I am ready for MY New Beginning."
At this time, many are in a holding pattern, a state of " hurry up and wait".  I know it's difficult to release when there is no guarantee of even when something will come to replace what you have released, let alone WHAT will come into your life.
For the time being, you might want to start small.  Empty a drawer or a closet and sell, toss or donate  whatever you honestly feel no longer serves a purpose in your life
Be brutallly honest with yourself.  Don't hold unto something for any reason other than pure love.  If you love it, really love it, and it brings you pleasure, then by all means, keep this item in your life.
If you don't love it, it doesn't work, needs fixing, is uncomfortable, it outdated, is a color you no longer care for or any other reason... well, you know what to do.
As you engage in this process, take special note of the things you keep, what you love, and why you love it. 
Be "in the moment" with your objects.  Give them your time and attention.
And begin a mindset of only having that which you love in your life.
In light and love, until next time
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