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As Above, So Below

As Above- So Below
Wow! Haven't we been bombarded with energies lately?
So many are feeling that theybeen through a wringer in recent weeks.
Well, we have been, so to speak.
The recent energy shifts have been giving many of us a kick in the behind to get us moving out of stagnant places, jobs and even relationships.  For some, it meant layoffs, company re-structuring and so on.
For others, it has meant becoming ill or injured so as to allow the universe and guides to speak and actually be heard!  when we are laid out and forced to listen to our inner wisdom, we can also feel, and hear our guides. 
For still others, old issues have been brought to the fore YET AGAIN!
Just when you thought you had finally dealth with this emotion or that old hurt, here we go again.  Just when you started to believe that you had a "handle" on how things were progressing- the bottom fell out again.
And for still others, there is an suddent sense of knowing, really knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are made as hell and aren't going to take it anymore!!!!!
But we've been down this road before you groan.  We were promised new beginnings, ascension and all kinds of new "stuff".
Well, the new stuff is here. 
We are in a period of increased ability to manifest new "stuff", change or transmute old negative "stuff' once and for all and have a positive effect on negative situations, relationships and situations.
But there's a catch.  There's always a catch, isn't there?
Here it is, in a nutshell.
Whatever you wish to manifest in terms of relationships, must be such that it will be good and sweet and wonderful for both parties, not just one.  So, you cannot hold someone as a love hostage nor should you remain in a relationship in which you are the love hostage.  Many of you will be forcibly learning the lesson of letting go of people, relationships or at least, some of the illusions of relationships.
Whatever you wish to manifest in terms of turning around a negative situation ( job, neighbour, family, friendships) must be beneficial to many, not just yourself.
Whatever you wish to manifest in terms of finances, abundance, health or anything else, must be of benefit to others as well.  how can you help others?  How can what you long for make someone else's life better as well?
Some of these are easy to "get" the hang of and others will take a bit of thinking.
The bare bones message though is that you are directly connected to Source and the universe is ready to help you with any of your needs and requests. 
But in light of the Dec. 2012 energy shifts toward a more unity consciousness, what we desire needs tio encompass others, even if only in some tiny way, in order to be in line with our Ascension as spiritual beings.
Up until just recently, we counted on divine guidance, messages from guides or angels or even superstitions to tell us what to do, how to do it, and which step to take.  
Many were afraid to take any step independently at all, lest they take a wrong step.  So, they waited. And took no steps at all.
Others tried to independently manifest businesses, new jobs, etc. but failed.  Not because they didn't wait for guidance, but simply because of timing.
NOW is the time of manifesting that which you desire as long as it is manifested with loving vibrations ( thoughts, words, wishes,) towards others.
NOW is the time to take a step by yourself, because you have been given all the divine wisdom you need at the present time to take that step toward a new beginning.  You are competent, able, divine and by no means anyone's puppet.  Not even a puppet of the universe.  ( Let that one sink in for a minute :)
NOW is the time to believe that the energy downloads you have been struggling with were really worth the effort, because you are more than ready- way more than ready- for new "stuff". 
Of course, many are still reeling, while we try to assimilate so much high vibrational divine energy into these mere human 3 dimensional bodies.
For those of you still dealing with dimensional fatigue- relax, get the extra sleep you need and stop feeling like something is wrong with you. ( Keeping in mind, however, that it is always best to see your health care professionalfor any condition such as overwhelming fatigue that persists for more than a few days.)
For those who are dealing with old emotional wound, hurts and those who seem to have relationship issues coming up again- find someone to talk to, either friend or professional- and know that this is your blessing.  You are being gifted with a final push- the last clean-up of old limiting beliefs- before you begin to manifest new "stuff" in your life.
For those of you who feel as though you are being challenged, tossed aside or  pushed out  of places or situations- rejoice!  You too are being gifted with the kick in the behind that tells you have been holding yourself back from sharing with the world the wonderful "YOU" that you are ccapable of being!
Whatever you believe could happen in heaven, nirvana, shangrila or on another planet, for that matter- can and does happen here on earth!
If you believe that in some alternate universer or on some other plane of existence , you could paint a masterpiece, write or sing a song that becomes a hit, play the piano to an audience speechless in awe of your talents, , teach, ride a horse, start a business, lead a nation, become an astronaut, heal others, become famous or live in a cabin and live off the land.... you can do it here, now, and exceedingly well.
 We are all very well equipped.  Just as no loving parent would not prepare a child before sending him or her into the world, so it is with Source and the universe.
We have been given all that we need. 
This is what we have been preparing for and working toward for such a long time.
Now is the time. 
  As long as you remember your millions of brothers and sisters and cousins ( even those of the finned, furred and feathered kind), and strive to make your dream extend in some small way to encompass others, you will be in line with universal love.
So get out there and start making your heaven on earth.
Wishing you light and love and your own little piece of Heaven.
Ava Jean (Jeannie)

Violet Dreams

Better Days are Coming!
For the past two months (a bit more for some people) there have feelings of being blocked, stumped, hitting the wall, stuck in neutral, thwarted, resisted  ( well you get the general idea).
Things you used to love now hold no interest.  Even hobbies shared with your favorite people hold no allure. and there has been fatigue.  Oh my , the fatigue. The apathy. The worry over the lack of evidence that anything is happening.
Many people are reporting ringing in the ears, buzzing in the ears, tingles on the head or scalp, dizziness, anxiety that seems to be attached to nothing in particular.  Heart flutterings. Lightheadness or headaches have been common too.
There may be a feeling that the body is more dense than before or the legs are somehow almost glued to the ground.
As always, I must cvaution that some of these physical feelings may be indeed conditions that reequire medical attention.
But for those of who have long walked the path of Ascension, we know that these feelings also accompnay changes or shifts in the energy being held by our bodies.
Holding the new energies from December 2012 and the time since them, in addition to dealing with this full moon energy, is nothing but exhausting for many.
However, there are also those who experience the opposite symptoms of feeling wound up tighter than an alarm clock and wondering when the anxiety and tension about the future will abate.
Well, that depends on the individual and how he or she copes with change.
You see, not only are we continuting to purge the things, ideas, and items that no longer serve us on our new beginnings,. we are letting go of cellular memories as well.
For some, that may bring up old fears, old hurts and old limiting beliefs about the self, others and the world at large.
This cellular purging can also lead to feelings almost like panic, because as parts of US leave, we feel "different."
And for many, different is not seens as a good thing but something about which to worry, fret and lose sleep.
Many people are being moved physically out of homes, jobs, relationships, groups etc.
Others are seeing the dissolution of what they held as solid- watching things seemingly unravel right before  their eyes.
Many are finding that certain foods are suddenly "wrong" for their bodies.  I have been feeling more sensitivities to foods, smells, chemicals and the like.
Recently many have found that the noise levels in  restaurants, stores or other locations have been impossible to tolerate.
The desire for peace and quiet has increased as we are more sensitive to our surroundings now and need more time to recharge our batteries after the onslaught of noise and mixed energies.
There may be a desire to cocoon now, not just because of winter weather, but because of feelings of uncertainty or insecurity about one's abilities, purpose and desires.
Please know that this is a time of transmutation. We are in the midst of the alchemy of change that will fully prepare us for our next steps.
But we must be patient with the process and with ourselves.
Wrap yourself in visions of violet light, as violet is the colour of transmutation of lower energies into higher vibrational energy.
Wear violet.  Place violet coloured flowers (real or silk)  on your desk so that you may be reminded that all things are changing and becoming something better, even you:)
If you have to let go of certain people or relationships around this time, envision the beautiful purple ribbon connecting you and the other person at the navel area. 
And then, envision a gentle violet flame.  Watch it's flickering violet flame  passing under the ribbon, gently releasing both of you to your highest good.
In this way, there will be no residual negativity to keep you from moving through your individual transmutations.
And get as much rest as you need.  The old energies required us to be constantly on the go, planning, doing, and never just "being".
Take time now to just "be'. 
Wishing you peace, happiness and violet dreams.
Shine on!
Ava JKean (Jeannie) Lawler-Lunn

Now What?

Dec. 21, 2012 Came & Went... Now What?
Oh, the many and varied theories that were flying around just two short weeks ago.
And although the metaphysical students of the world have tried to remain positive and looking forward to a new beginning... well, it just doesn't feel all shiny and new, does it?
We are in a period of adjustment, transition and assimilation at the present time.
So much happened energetically in the final three months of 2012 that we almost exhausted from the energy downloads way before we got to 12/12/12. 
The energies of that auspicious date were strong and experienced in different ways by different people.  However, we ALL knew that something had shifted.
Many people were more emotional than usual. 
 Some felt that it didn't really feel like Christmas. 
 Others, like myself, went overboard, shopping, baking, wrapping and generally overdosing on the Christmas mood and holiday music.
This particular Christmas/Holiday season brought forth long buried emotions for many, as we were being guided - yet again- to examine what makes us tick, so to speak.
This was and continues to be a time of reflection, looking at our relationships, whether they be good, bad, strained or joyful. 
We are being asked now to let go of old emotional wounds, but in order to do that, they must be brought to the forefront.
It  is important to forgive, in whatever ways we can and to whatever degrees we can, those who have wronged us- either by their ignorance or thoughtlessness or by design.
We need to see very clearly now, the individuals we love, those we have lost, those we have issues with, in order to ready ourselves for the next phase of the development of our authentic selves.
Just as the most serious wounds are the deepest and often need repeated cleansing, examination, flushing  and debris removal, so it is with our deepest issues at this time.
We are asked to closely examine those old wounds, relationships that no longer serve us and old, outdated beliefs about ourselves and others and let them go.
 But this time- really, really, let them go.
What goes back down into the darkness retains its power over us and festers. 
What is brought to the light of day is healed and released.
So, we must use this time - the first half of January 2013- to heal ourselves, pamper ourselves and just lie low. 
This will be tricky for many, as we have been conditioned to see the first days of January as the time to kick start an exercise regime, clean house, get organized, set big goals and just get moving.
Consider this.  We are doing just that, except that we will be dealing with the heightened emotions that are a big part of this transition time.
If you need to cry, watch a sad movie if necessary to get the tears flowing.  
 If you need to physically vent, have a serious punch-out with your pillow. 
If you need to feel loved, don't wait for it be offered by someone else. 
Pamper yourself.  Ask for a long, re-assuring hug.  Ask your significant other to speak the words you need to hear.
Do something you want to do, even if that is just sleep.
Now, for some of the symptoms of this energetic shift:
·         There is an awkward feeling similar to waiting  for the
           other shoe to drop. 
·         Our senses are heightened and even loud noises,
          crude talk, angry voices or anything that is not full of
          love and peace might be more unsettling to us than
·         Heart palpitations that feel like anxiety attacks are
           showing up again for many once again.
·         Worry about nothing in particular or everything in
·         Feelings of exhilaration and excitement followed by
           periods of inexplicable sadness ( no, you're NOT bi-
·         Pain in upper back, in the centre or the blades
          ( where your angel wings would be)
·         Stomach upsets- queasiness, feeling flu-like or even
          like your are pregnant ( for the females in my
           little group) :) ( We are still re-birthing)
·         Feeling like the plans and goals you had for yourself
          may need tweaking or a complete overhaul at one
          moment, then feeling excited all over again about
          your plans.
·         A feeling that everything is about to change but not   
           knowing how it come to be.
·         A deep fatigue and increased need for sleep.
·         Feeling as though we don't quite know to move our
           arms and legs in a cohesive, coordinated manner.
          ( I call this the wobblies)
·         Vision disturbances lasting from a few seconds to a
           few days.
·         For some, there may even be a sense that they are
          not the same as they were last month.   Something
          has changed. Something big.
A lot of these symptoms could be described as the usual post Christmas/holidays letdown. 
However, these symptoms are stronger and much more emotionally intense than the usual January blues.
Know that you are not alone. Many are experiencing these exact same symptoms and asking... what next?
Well- this is your call to work on yourself, with the most love andpampering you can possibly imagine giving yourself. 
The sky's the limit (within the limits of your bank account, of course).
Evaluate, forgive ( yes, especially forgive yourself), release people and situations to their highest good, and even dream up new twists to your earlier laid plans and dreams.
My guides indicate that mid January will pick up speed, and we may be met with some resistance from others, especially if we emerge from our short hibernation with vastly noticeable changes inour behaviors, demeanors or interactions with others.
Hold your own counsel.  Do not let this resistance stop you on your way to being your authentic self.  Don't even let it slow you down, even a little.
You deserve this.   This is your time to shine. 
 And I can't wait to see how bright you sparkle!
Wishing you light, love and all things good in 2013

Tired? Sad? Grumpy? Out of Sorts?

Tired? Sad? Grumpy? Just Plain Out of Sorts?
Well, that makes a whole lot of us!
The recent full moon packed a heck of a punch.  Not to mention the numerous power struggles of August.
You know the ones. 
Between you and your family; you and your co-workers; you and your spouse; you and the stranger at the gas pumps; you and yourself!!!!
The power struggles  jockeying for position, either within our own psyches, were just resistance to the changing energies and rising vibrations. 
 When negative energies are shaken by higher vibrations, they tend to fight stronger to try to retain their stronghold.  This is true from the the ongoing internal struggles we all face from time to time, to the grander stages of politics and world powers.
Some people in your circle of friends, family and acquaintances may have battled you for power.  Some of it was overt and easy to recognise.  Some of it was covert and clandestine.  Nonetheless, it was there.  It was part of our ongoing purging, releasing, letting go and tearing down for the purpose of rebuilding.
Yes I know, when will it end?  It will end when we have lost ourselves ( our old, 3D conditioned, conforming selves) to the process, surrendered fully to what is to be our new lives, our new purposes and our authentic selves. 
Much of what we are letting go of is the lies we have been told about ourselves, the lies we have told ourselves and even the lies we have told  others.  Likewise, we are seeing through the lies others have told us and seeing some people for the first time as they really are and not just how we wished them to be.
As the veil of knowledge is lifted our own veils or masks are being taken away, to reveal our authentic selves.
For this reason, we may feel emotions closer to the surface than before.  There be a feeling that we are just one big raw nerve or open wound.
Or we may feel overwhelmed with the 3D tasks required of us at the present time, wanting instead find a place of rest and serenity, to lick our wounds and absorb all that has happened of late.
Because, as we got lighter again, and lost some of our outer protective falshoods, we may have even lost some friends or acquaintenances.  As we discovered what we did and did not want in our lives, it has become necessary to sometimes be aggressive in our pruning. 
 Also, we tried to ground ourselves only to find that we had nothing to ground ourselves TO!  This is what happens when purging at such a level.  Not much remains that is familiar.  Almost everything feels like uncharted territory.
For many, there have been headaches, neck aches, blurry vision ( the wobblies again, as I like to call them); chest pain, heart flutters, feelings of anxiety, worry or outright panic.
Some may be experiencing feelings of not knowing where their legs are in space, leg pains, weakness or spasms in the legs.
There has been a massive download of crown chakra energy, so many of us have had almost non-stop tingles of the scalp, chills or goosebumps.
There have been fluctuations in our bodies' ability to regulate temperature.   Either very chilled or too hot and it's not related to menopause.
Some of us, myself included, have been undergoing a detox of a sort, with mutliple flu-like intestinal woes.
I liken this energetic period as akin to writing a message in the sand.  No sooner do we finish writing what we think we are about, then the tide comes along, washes it away and we are left wondering what to write (or be, try to be, aim for or aspire to) next.
Where is the bliss we were promised?  How much more of this ascension stuff can we suffer?
The difficulty here is that we were offered a taste of a new life, a new beginning, a new group of supportive souls and it was good. Then it left.  Or did it? 
With each major energetic shift, we feel the download of energies and new sympotoms, then for a bright and shining moment ( or several), we experience that sense of magic, that we can manifest anything.  
And then, away it goes, leaving us feeling bereft once again and wondering if what we seek is impossible after all.
Not so.  Not at all!  We can manifest but we need to mind the lessons as well.
The message here is three-fold. 
First, we need to be ok with the losing of the mask.  Let the light shine on YOU- the real you, so that others can get to know you and love you in all your genuine, authentic beauty. For many, it's been so long, if ever, that they knew who they were, that this is stress invoking.  It needn't be.
We see the birth of a baby as a joyous and wonderous event.  Well, that's what is happening right now.  You are being "birthed" and the world is about to see you as you were almost meant to be!  That's reason to rejoice.
Second, be in a state of love and gratitude with what you still have... that which is still in your life after all the purging.  Whether you give thanks for family, friends, acquaintances, pets,  your job, your home or food on the table, remember to have an attitude of gratitude for what remains.  Because what remains right now is meant to be part of your journey.
Thirdly, if you are battling illness, pain, financial woes, psychological or emotional pain there is something to be gained from the experience.  This is not to say that any struggle is fun- not so.  
But all struggles teach us something about ourselves.We learn just how strong we really are.  We learn that we can indeed count on ourselves, that we have power, that we have the ability to not only survive but often thrive when faced with daunting struggles.
The human spirit has always been strong.  But now, as we are being re-born in the ascension process, becoming our most authentic selves, we are about to find out just how miraculous we really are!
Believe in yourself.  Believe in the process.  Believe in your own power and beauty.  And believe that there is a blueprint for your life and you are about to start shining your light even brighter and  living it!
Shine On
Wishing you love and light
Ava Jean (Jeannie ) Lawler-Lunn

Can You Hear Me Now?

Can You Hear Me Now?
Well, we're more than halfway through the horrible Mercury retrograde time. 
For a lot of us, that means poor communications. 
Dropped calls, phones just simply "dying" mid call.  Computer glitches.  Fax machines that don't seem to want to work properly, jam up, or  just plain stop working. 
For some, that can also mean scrmabled face to face communications with family, friends, loved ones, co-workers.
Add that to the upcoming full moon, and OH BOY!  are we in for a ride!
I expect to have some of those moments when I am speaking to someone and getting back nothing but a blank stare, perhaps a puzzled wrinkling of the brow and that look that says "I haven't got a clue what you're on about."
In addition to the communication snafu, there's that other thing... the buzzing energies of the coming full moon.   Expect to feel like a horse that's eager to run, but can't get out of the corral.   There will be a sense of hurry up and wait. 
For those of us fully engaged in the Ascension process, ( which is all of humanity, however WE are the ones who are paying attention), there are already some very interesting communications happening.  You know what I mean.
Ringing in the ears, strange buzzings, odd tingling at the crown chakra, hearing your name being called, seeing what the others cannot see. 
All of the senses are more finely tuned, messages are stronger, and again, there are feelings of separateness from others, while we become increasingly aware that we are all so very much connected. Oh yeah.... it's fun.
Now, we can add the comedy of hearing, seeing, feeling things from the 5th dimension, while all the tools we use for communication here on the 3rd dimension are malfunctioning. 
Where does that leave us? 
Somewhere between the two.  Not exactly free-floating in the 4th dimension, but in a place of calm, quiet and suspension, where we can tidy up loose ends, make plans for the future, ( which for me is August 8th, when Mercury will finally be doing her job) and all around biding our time.
You can't push a rope.  I don't know who was the first to say that but it's true, isn't it?  
During this time, we're not in a position to make a flurry of phone calls and get things done like the moving, shaking, multi-taskers that we are. 
It will be of no use to run around, looking for a hill from which your phone will work to its optimum best. 
Sometimes, we just need to wait it out. 
Hard to sit when you want to run.  Hard to keep your own counsel, when all you want to do communicate with the world!
But if we sit this out, wait, tidy up, plan, think, daydream, envision, visualize... you get the picture... we will be so, so ready to hit the ground running when it's all systems go again. 
Shine on,
Light and Love

Beam Me Up Scottie...

Goodness, gracious, but we've been having some difficulties lately.  Communications have been a little tense lately. and, on occasion, have erupted into scathing words and the odd cold shoulder.
What gives?
Well, the recent full moon was a doozy, and pre and post full moon tension and anxieties were stronger and more noticeable than ever before.  Couples especially seem to have a hard time navigating the emotional storm of this past few weeks. 
For some, it may have been a time of simply feeling anxious about something and not quite knowing what.  For others, it may have become so tense at home that you founjd everything about your partner annoying, disturbing and getting under your skin.
What kinds of annoyances?  Oh, like his breathing,his eyebrows, his socks, the way he sucks takes too long in the bathroom.  You name it.
For the unmarrieds of the world, this aggravation might have revolved more around co-workers, fellow drivers, clerks in stores or the neighbour across the street.
What is this all about? 
We got another download of energies this past big moon, and I noticed that I have been feeling full body chills, feelings of internal vibration, increased crown chakra activity complete with tingling, buzzing and chills.
Heart racing, increased anxiety and feeling that things are moving too fast and anot fast enough all at the time.
Sound familiar?
This last big energy shift also found some people having disgestion problems, feelings of fullness or no appetite, nausea, diarrhea and more.
Some of us either slept way too much or couldn't stay asleep.
Ringing in the ears was common too.
We have been assimilating a lot of new energy lately, as we vibrate at higher frequencies and,oddley enough and that has translated into eating less or more, sleeping less or more and feeling emotional strung out and tightly wound or zoned out and having trouble feeling much of anything.
What this means?
We need to be kind to ourselves, as we are trying, once again, to re-calibrate ourselves, re-aline to our new energy quotient and figure out where we are n our south paths and exactly what we are to do next.
Be patient, and believe in your own strengths, abilities and themagic inside of you.  You are learning to "be" in the new you and you still need your training wheels for a time.
For those of you who have been struggling with loved ones who are nay sayers... hang in there.  There will soon be a time when you will be vindicated, so to speak.  You are a way-shower and by following the ascension path and listening to your heart, you are leading others to become who they are as well. 
As you ascend in consciousness, love and your own divinity, know that discord is normal, unavoidable.  We are all still human and when trying to be a spiritual being in a 3D environment, we are bound to meet with obstacles. 
Sometimes, the very people we expect to fully understand and accept us are the ones who bring us to feelings of self doubt, shame, sadness and regret. 
Rest assured, if your heart (spirit) tells you are on the right path, then you ARE.!
Your enthusiasm isaboutto return along with confidence and perhaps some money to help take the pressure off.  You have some great ideas and now is the time to talk about your plans, goals and dreams. 
It's also time for you to look at your close relationships and decide now to use your intuition and charm to help someone understand you and your unique reality.  Who knows what wonderful results you may achieve?
If relationship troubles have caused ripples in the waters of romance or if there seems to be no activity at all in that regard, use this time to remember what this relationship is all about, why you chose this person, and how much love surrounds you.
Keep love alive, keep your dreams alive and most importantly, keep alive that most wonderful relationship you have with your higher self, your creator and all the beauty that life has to offer.
You are love, you are special, you are the light of the world.  And if your candle flickers from time, don't worry.  So do the candles of the rest of us.  And the rest of us need YOU!
Wishing you love, light and the courage to be true to yourself....

Finding Balance

Finding Balance
Happy New Year, everyone.
What I want to say to everyone at this very special point in time and in our earthly development is simply this.... 
Now is the time to be yourself.  To connect with your inner divinity.  To find out once and for all who you REALLY are and what your spirit craves.  The time to be timid is gone.  The time to tippy toe around issues is gone.  The time to love yourself, honor yourself and do what is best for you... has arrived.  
Feminine energies are gaining strength at a rapid rate.  Many women are suddenly " seeing" for the very first time, the patterns of self deprivation, self sacrifice and other ways in which they (we) have been limiting ourselves.  Here's the thing.  We know and have always known, that it is important to nurture that which we want to grow and thrive.  We're mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, lovers and in all of those roles, women have taken the loving and compassionate path.   
As spiritual beings, having an earthly experience, many women have had the mistaken belief that in order to be loving, they must abandon their allegiance to self.   That, to be a true nurturer, they must be all things to all people, at all times  and must never, ever focus on the self.
  We've all met women who have scratched and clawed their way to the top in business and have become agressive, brittle and very much like the more aggressive and brittle of men they battled on the way to the top.  
These women, too, are as out of touch with themselves and their power as their "sisters" who have not yet claimed their own power. 
What is needed now is balance.  Work/life balance, feminine/masculine balance. 
The universe requires- nay demands- that there be balance in all things.  
This year- this wonderful 2012, will be just the year for women to begin to nurture themselves, to thrive in that nurturing and to become one with their higher selves.  This year will also see a softening of the aggressiveness previously exhibited by some men, as they find, accept and nurture the feminine aspects of their own souls.  
The Ascension path hasn't been easy for any of us up to this point, and many people will continue to struggle with odd emotional "overflow", feelings of fear of the unknown, and apprehension, as we all advance into new territory. As we get kicked out of one reality and nudged into another, we need to find like-minded individuals- kindred spirits, if you will- along the way.  And of course, we need to remember the story of the butterfly ( an earlier blog on this site. )
We're finished with the enabler role forever.  Our roles now are to love and encourage, but not to jump in and save another from their own fate.  Similar to the butterfly whose well meaning "helper" crippled its wings, we too, in our innocent exuberance, may have hindered rather helped others on their paths. 
No, those days are gone.  Now, we will love, acknowledge, give thanks and shed our fears as we make our way into new territory.  
 Now is the time to shine your light, share your knowledge, and lovingly wish others a good soul path journey as we continue to learn more about who we are.   
I am so enjoying this time of discovery, quantum jumping and almost instant manifestation of the truth I seek.
 Happy 2012, everyone.
 Wishing you love, light and wonderful new beginnings.  

The Veil Has Lifted- We Can See for Miles!

The Veil has Lifted... we can see for miles
The Veil Has Lifted... We Can See for Miles!
Oh my goodness... we were up (briefly) then down, then up ( again briefly), then down even deeper. 
ShareWe have plumbed the depths of our souls and found ourselves wandering in the vast wasteland of what used to be our very well laid out plans, dreams and goals.   Just when we thought we were lifting out of the ascension goo, we  sank even deeper, and quicksand feeling of losing the battle, both physically and spiritually, seemed destined to suck us into the abyss even further.
Aches and pains and tears- oh my!
Where to begin.
How about the feeling of being pregnant?  That tired, somewhat nauseated, often light-headed feeling of not being "quite right".    Don't forget, that we have been very busy, in our waking and sleeping hours, "birthing" a new world.  The heaviness is always necessary as a way of keeping us grounded.  Especially necessary after the new light energies of 11/11/11. 
Many of us gained weight in the tummy area, even though we didn't over-indulge over the holidays.  ( Sheesh, how much more grounding do I need?) 
There has been a tremendous feeling of sadness surrounding many and those whose clairesentient (feelings) gifts are awakening are reporting feeling great sadness emanating from others.
Why? For many, the heart chakra has been the area of most intense opening and some people "see" with the heart.  When one's heart chakra has experienced an opening, often there is a feeling of an open wound. 
Similarly, there is an avalanche of emotion, not just for self, but for others, and since 11/11/11/, many have become suddenly aware of the pain and suffering of others, of inequalities and injustices;  of the harm to animals and mother earth.   This kind of new awareness - of "seeing" with the heart- can feel overwhelming.
Then there were the headaches, the dizziness, and the pressure on the sinuses.  Listen up, ladies ( and gents- I have a few guys who follow the blogs)
The third eye, the brow chakra, received a great deal of attention lately, and many people are beginning to "see" in a number of  different ways.  Some people are simply seeing people for what and who they truly are, and almost instantly determining, without waffling, whether said person  (or place, job, etc) is good  for them at this point on the soul path, or not so good.for them.
Many are more able to see, discern and release the person or situation to their ( or it's ) greatest good much more rapidly than ever
Some are now able to see auras.  Some are reporting seeing spirit. 
For those who are not so visually oriented, there is a sense of knowing, thanks in part to massive amounts of knowledge being delivered through the crown chakra.  Hence, the headaches, dizzy spells, occasional blurred vision.
( Note- please never assume that such symptoms are only ascension related and always seek medical attention when feeling unwell.)
Many are experiencing back pain.  Some in the mid (thoracic area) of the back, and others in the lower (lumbar) region.   And there have been reports of heaviness in the legs, feet and sometimes a sense of not knowing where you're stepping.
There is an overall sense of feeling unsupported in the world right now.  And rightfully so, as many of the things we have held close have now left us, fallen away, or we have purged of our own free will. 
We are forging new trails, and find that even what we thought was our skill set, our purpose or gift to others is not as it seemed.  Even our chosen careers are undergoing change, and many will find themselves bereft of the solid "same old, same old" that most of we humans know and love.
Be gentle with yourselves.  If you feel the need to cry for your own pain,the pain of other humans,  the pain of our four legged, finned or winged relations, or the pain of the world, then allow yourself to do so.
This a time to take what you used to "know", filter and sift it together with what you now "know"- since the veil lifted- and accept that the new clearer vision is truly a gift.  In fact, it is simply the first of many to come.
 It is also important to unwind, let go and be flexible enough to bend, not only to release the tensions we have built up of late through worry of the unknown and the roller coaster ride of changes, but to allow ourselves to be directed,  ever so gently, toward the new bends in the road ahead.
Rest, walk, stretch, get a massage, do whatever it takes to remind yourself to remain flexible. 
Don't worry so much about the bend in the road.... your "vision" has never been more clear and you will travel lighter when you begin to trust in your own instinct, intuition and vision.
We're all pretty lucky ( and let's be honest, tired out) from the long ascension road.  But, aren't you glad we can finally "see" where we're heading?  No more fumbling in the dark.  The light has arrived.   Let yours shine!!!!!
Wishing you love, light and wonderful new beginnings,

using a pendulum to get the answers you need- developing your intui

Pendulum white quartzUsing a Pendulum to Get the Answers You Need-
Developing Your Own Intuitive Gifts
Use of a pendulum or dowsing pendulum has been a common practice for hundreds of years. 
Wise women (and men) have used this method of divining as a fast and easy way to get answers to their most pressing questions. 
 As a practicing psychic with over 30 years’ experience, I use pendulums often.  And now you can too.
What is a Dowsing Pendulum?
Housewives of times past used to swing a needle on a long threadback and forth over a pregnant woman’s belly to determine the gender of the unborn child. 
 In some societies, a stone is tied to a string.  Almost anything that can readily swing back and forth can be used.
Because it is not the pendulum that is working its magic- it’s you!  I’ll explain later, but for the time being, let’s get started.
Make Your Temporary Pendulum ( or buy one at New Beginnings Guidance
Any of these things will work as focals-
·        Small pebble
·        A favourite ring
·        A sewing needle
·        Any small object that can be tied to a string or ribbon and balanced when being held in the air. Lopsided trinkets will not work.
Find your object.  Tie it to a string, chain or ribbon, so that you have at least 6 inches of “hang” and no more than 10 inches.
Once you have made your trial pendulum, you may want to sit with it in thought or meditation, so that you feel a comfortable connection with your new divination tool.
If you have purchased a crystal pendulum, you will want to cleanse it by soaking in sea salt and water solution (even ½ hour will do) and sittingit outside in the moonlight or in sunlight to energize. 
You may also want to “charge” your crystal pendulum by holding it gently, asking it to be your partner in divination and infusing it with your personal soul energy.
What Now?
Make sure you have some un-interrupted time to work with you pendulum and a relaxed, quiet environment in which to ask questions.
When I work with mine, I use either a rose quartz, moonstone or amethyst pendulum.  But for beginner’s purposes, any pendulum will do.
Next, I say a small prayer, surround myself with pure, white light- the Christ light- and ask that only the highest spiritual energies come through. 
 When I work with mine, I ask that my guides, my animal guides, my higher self, or Jesus work with me to obtain only the most positive results for the good of all and harm to none.
Several deep, calming breaths are helpful to centering and relaxing, so as to be open to receive messages.
With a new pendulum, I begin by holding the pendulum in my left hand ( the receiving hand, as well as the psychic input hand), resting my elbow on the table. 
While holding it firmly but not tensely, I ask the pendulum to indicate to me the direction it will swing if the answer to a question is YES.  I repeat the question to find the directional swing forNO.  I also ask which movement will indicate that the answer is not known at present or if I am not meant to know at this time. 
I thank the pendulum for helping me and giving me these directional answers.
Working with the Pendulum
You may want to ask a test question or two, just to assure yourself that, yes, this does indeed work.  Like, for example, is my name _____?  Do I live in the city of ____?
Now, for the good stuff.
Ask a question for which the answer could be yes or no.  Make sure your arm is comfortably supported, and give the pendulum time to “think”. 
When a determination is being made, the crystal, ring, needle or pebble might seem to shake and shimmy.  This is good!  That’s an indication that you are indeed receiving. 
Wait until the shimmy stops, then allow the pendulum to swing as it may.
If the direction seems to be other than those established at the beginning of the session, you can always stop the movement, ask for clarification, and start anew.
Sometimes there will be no shimmy or shake and it may appear that nothing is going to happen.  Not so. 
You will just need to be patient, and wait for the slightest faint directional movement.
I always say thank you after receiving an answer and stop the directional movement by holding the pendulum bottom still inmy hand for a second, before asking the next question.
If your arm starts to tire, it is best to rest briefly. 
If the muscles tire, and you persist, there’s a chance that directional movement and subsequent answers will be due to shaky muscles and not divination.
There are a multitude of charts, maps and “rules” about dowsing pendulum use but the truth is this: if you are patient, relaxed and open when you do the ”work” you will be successful and you’ll develop your intuitive abilities greatly.
Wow- Why Does This Work?
When you are concentrating on your question, and waiting for your answer, you are focused and intently “open” to receiving guidance.  
When you are in this state of acceptance and willingness to see, feel, hear, sense whatever it is that you need, you will indeed receive that information.
Your higher self, that part of you that is intuitive and connected to source, is always there to help you and guide you. 
You will, in effect, be tapping into this wise, psychic part of yourself when you engage in exercises such as dowsing. 
It is important to remember to ask for guidance as well from angels, guides, and benevolent spirits who can assist on your journey to discovering your psychic self and connecting to your higher being.
It is of the utmost importance to surround yourself, anyone else in the room with you, and even your cat, dog, bird or fish before beginning any esoteric activity. 
 NEVER just dabble and remember that this is not a game.  This is serious, highly spiritual activity that should always be undertaken with respect. 
I hope you have enjoyed these first few steps on the intuitive path.  You have the ability.  We all do. 
And in these wonderful times of Ascension, many are finally becoming their authentic, intuitive, multi-talented and gifted selves.
Congratulations on starting on your psychic development path!
Wishing you light, love and beautiful new beginnings
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One Door Closes and Another Door Opens

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One Door Closes and Another Door Opens.  Are You Ready?
One Door Closes and Another Door Opens
Sounds a little cliche, doesn't it? 
Well, this update is far from that...
But the underlying message is this- there is a definite feminine energy afoot right now and opportunities abound for our continued ascension and growth but only if we are willing to let the door hit us in the rear on the way out and leap out of the comfort zone.
During this exciting but troubling time, with so much happening around the world, at  a seemingly accelerated pace ( true ) many of us have experienced some very intense feelings and symptoms or labor pains.
Fatigue to the point of outr ight exhaustion have caused many to simply stop dead in their tracks and re-evaluate.  This fatigue was caused in part by our sense of inability to be of any significant service or make any real difference in the accelerated purging currently underway around the world.  From failing global economies to world leaders being toppled to hurricanes and earthquakes being felt in places heretofor untouched by such tremors, the rapid fire pace of change has more than exhausted some.
Add this to Mercury being retrograde until today ( think mega bumpy communications and difficulty connecting at any level ) and we had a recipe for feeling stymied.
There is also a feeling, though, that many of us, me included, have needed to be either stopped or drastically slowed down in order to remember to breathe, to feel and to fully understand the gifts being given.  ( Yeah, the unpleasant ones, too).
Many have actually felt sick around some people, experienced nausea, agitation and the like, due the differences in vibration.  Some have been feeling a deep sense of loss and not knowing where this is coming from, but knowing it is very real.  Some have been irritable with a sort of "the devil made me do it" kind of feeling, as though not liking your irritability but not being to do a darn thing about it.
Other symptoms of late include intermittent feelings of confusion, anxiety ranging from a little flutter of worry to full blown anxiety attacks or panic and one of the most annoying... deep, abiding apathy.
Reasons for this feeling of spinning one's wheels are many and varied but here are the main reasons:
  • It is important to really see, hear, sense, feel and comprehend what is going on around us at this time.  Messages are being given and we need to "get" the lesson, so we can continue on the ascension path without too many further disruptions or slowdowns.
  • We are still working on clearing out the debris of previous times, events, experiences, relationships and false beliefs.  And, the deepest stuff is always the most difficult.  Many will need to take a significant amount of time to sort out relationships and beliefs.  Beliefs about who we are, who others are and to really "see".  For some, this time will be a unique first!  For others, it may create feelings of "oh no, not more of this again".
  • There are areas of confusion that must be dealt with and NOW. Who are you, really? Are you walking the walk?  Are you really ready to walk through that open door, or are you still only willing to stand in the doorway?  Are you still staring at that old door- the one that is now closed?  Or worse still, are you stuck in a revolving door, going round and round, experiencing the same old, same old, never quite brave enough to jump out of that crazy spin cycle?
  • In  a time of increasing  unity consciousness we are still sorting, clearing and ending not only jobs and homes, but relationships, even familial ones.
  • Many of us need this time of clarity of sight, clarity of thought. We simply cannot continue to stumble along without seeing clearly,  feeling deeply, really hearing and, once and for all, comprehending our own worth- not just say it, but mean it.  Feeling what you need, what you really want, what you deserve.
  • This is a time to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.  ( Now there's a mouthful).  It's time to look at the areas of our lives that cause discomfort and dive in for a closer look at the wreckage- for that's where we find gold, wisdom and closure) It's not always pretty but it must be done.  We are doing the last bits of hard work now, this mining for gold, getting ready for the new beginnings that we are creating with our willingness to grow and change.   Being "stuck" is often when we do our best soul path work. :)
  • Rest assured unity consciousness does NOT mean that you have to love absolutely everything about everyone on the planet or you have somehow missed the ascension boat.  You just need to be ready to draw like souls to you and gently release those who are not travelling a similar path to your own. You cannot change them, only yourself.  So if they are not willing or able to travel the ascension path with you, gently release them to their highest and best - whatever that may be.
  • This is NOT a time to bring about huge changes, but to welcome the blessings that been given, the good and the "bad" as the great teaching tools that they are and to allow greater comprehension of the ways in which we have grown recently.  Now THAT is time well spent.
  • It's time to move out of the doorway and pass through that next door.  You may leave others behind.  They may catch up with you later.  Or  they may choose a different door to a different path. No matter. This is your time. 
  • The gifts you have to share are just now being revealed, even to you.  The old you is fading away, with each new lesson, each new hello and each goodbye.  Revel in the you that is emerging.   Don't worry that the entire new picture isn't yet clear.  Just trust that there is something good on the other side of that door of discovery. 
The next few months will be a time of even more rapid changes not only within yourselves but within and upon the world at large.  Fear ( False Evidence Appearing Real) only ripples out and attracts more fear. 
Let's step bravely and joyfully through that doorway.  Our new roles and new beginnings are getting closer and closer.
And  yep, I WILL let the door hit me in the behind on my out!
Wishing you light and love and fearlessness
Ava Jean Lawler-Lunn
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