Psychic Guidance - Testimonials


The level of service and care at New Beginnings Guidance is fantastic. Having been a client for many years, I am consistently amazed at the way Jeannie blends professionalism with warmth and caring.   Once you've met her had a reading, you feel like you are friends for life.
Amy,  Calgary, AB 

" You have assured me.  We need to this again.  Megwatch!" 
Sandy,  Cochrane, AB

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a reader you can trust. Jeannie at New Beginnings Guidance was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of reading  I received was outstanding. She really cares about her clients. Keep up the good work, Jeannie!"
Mary,  Calgary, AB 
"Absolutely amazing."
Gayle,   Halifax, Nova Scotia
" Love her spirit.  She is wonderful!"
Danice     Perth, Australia
"Thank you for your healing words.  You've inspired me to do what I need to do."
Rhonda T., Calgary
"The reading was inspiring. She hit the nail on the head without any wavering.  I highly recommend her completely!"
Troy, Calgary, AB 
" I love your energy.  Very beautiful.  Thank you!"
Deborah, Calgary, AB
"Wow... it blew me away with every little comment that was given.  I will definitely want to do this again!"
Lorianne, Montreal, Quebec
"The reading was was fabulous.  You cleared  a lot of things for me nd helped me set my goals straight!"
Monika, Calgary, AB
"Jeannie, I feel 'lighter'- you are an awesome person and I look forward to seeing you again.  You friend..."
Angie, Calgary, AB 
"Wonderful and inspirational!  Many windows of opportunity were shown to me today.  Jeannie's honest approach & enthusiasm along with her loving spiritual presence made this an amazing reading.  Thank you for the insights."
Heather, Calgary, AB
" Thank you for the insights and for making me feel that I am making the right decisions."
Rachel, Calgary, AB
" Jeannie, thank you so much.  You have totally confirmed all my thoughts: travelling, my gift, work and me venturing away from where I am.  I will definitely be back for another reading.  Love..."
Shawna, Calgary, AB
"Jeannie: interesting experience.  You saw some things that I thought in my own mind were still there.  Hmm.  Lots to think about."
Terry, Calgary, AB
"Jeannie, thank you so very much.  You have hit many things dead on. You have brought light into my day."
Jim, Calgary, AB
" As, usual, my friend, your readings are out of this world.!!  You've given me lots to think about with your words of inspiration.   It's the special people we meet along life's path that help us to appreciate the journey.  Thanks for being one of those people. Love..."
Julie, Calgary, AB
" Jeannie, thank you so much for the wonderful reading.  You were great!! Thanks again."
Breanne, Calgary, AB
"Jean, thank you for a fabulous reading.  Just when you think that life is boring, we get this great calling ( almost a bang) to wake up and live.  That is what you have done for me.  Thank you.  You have really made me start living!!"
Nesha, Calgary, AB
" Jeannie, this was a most interesting and revealing reading. Very beneficial."
Donna, Gabriole Island, B.C.
" Jeannie, you have  made my day joyous.  I will think carefully about what you've told me and of course, listen to my tape many times.  Hope to see you again soon.  Sincerely..."
Dianne, Calgary, AB
" This was a great reading!  Jean is great and she opened my eyes to a lot of things.  She is very good!"
Barb, Calgary, AB
" Thank you so much for the reading.  You were dead on for many things. 
You've given me some family homework.  Thank you so much!"
Laurissa , Calgary, AB
" Insightful, relaxing.  Made me think about what I am really doing with my life."
Jaimie, Calgary, AB
"Jeannie, thank you so much.  You made me see so much.  Can't wait for the next visit!"
Allison G., Calgary, AB
"Jeannie, you are so-o good!!! Scary but good.  To say thanks just doesn't seem enough!"
Elaine, Calgary, AB
"Fabulous woman.  Reading great!.  Onslow won't know what hit him. ( private joke). Jean, see you soon."
Karen, Calgary, AB
"Thanks so much. For 13 years I have used your services, at least twice a year.  You're my guide to the future, and fun as well. "
Tania, Calgary, AB
" I loved it very much.  I look forward to seeing you again."
Kevin, Calgary, AB
" You are fantastic.  You are so connected.  Thank you for easing my pain.  I won't forget you."
Judy, Calgary, AB
"Jeannie, good reading! "
Kathy, Smithers, B.C.
"Thank you very much for the wonderful reading.  You are a beautiful lady  and I will definitely be back to see you."
Cochrane, AB
"Wow!  Great reading.  I will start that business with my friend!"
Teresa, Thunder Bay, Ontario
"Wonderful reading! Very exciting!"
Robyn, Calgary, AB
"Thanks so much for giving me some guidance in what direction I am heading in life. "
Amie, Saskatoon, Sask.
"Thank you very much for the reading and the thoughful advice.  Very enlightening."
Maxine, Shropshire, England
"Thanks so much. I am so excited now and looking forward to MY new beginning."
Knieu, Korea
" It's a blessing to have such a gifted friend.  How very special to connect with those that have passed- in a loving environment. " Betty, Calgary. AB
"Awesome experience.  Thank you so much!"  Jody, Calgary, AB 
" Jeannie, after 18 years of readings, you still blow me away with what you tell me.  You are a wonderful friend.  Thank you for everything. " Angela , Calgary, AB
" You're an inspiration.  Thank you for sharing your light and love.  I look forward to more of your teaching.  Thank you being a blessing in my life." Kris, Calgary, AB
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