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All Things Heal with Love
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All Things Heal with Love
So many are going through
trials and personal challenges
far beyond any other they have
ever experienced before.
I know that in my little world,
this has been the most
challenging summer of recent
But the one constant for me has always been and continues to
be the belief that all things that happen either to me or
through me ( as well as to and through loved ones) are for
the good. 
Even things we always associate with bad.  Cancer, dementia,
financial upsets, health concerns. 
For Alberta as a whole, it has been floods and destruction,
bringing with it homelessness, financial strain and loss of
some of people's most precious mementos.
For Canada, and worldwide, we have witnessed some
catastrophic events - some manmade and some created by
natural forces.
Where does love fit into all of this? 
Every event, illness, or challenge offers us another
opportunity to spread our earth angel wings and love.
We are gifted with the ability to see through the eyes
of love, each and every time we are jolted from our own
little worlds of work, sleep, TV, cooking, cleaning, shopping,
raising children.  
It's not that people are selfish, so much as that is so easy
to get caught up in a routine. A routine that does not allow
us time or energy to reach out and love our fellow beings.
And so, I thank whatever calamity that arrives in my life and
often the life of my loved ones. 
Because it reminds me and others to spread the wings of love
ever wider, to include everyone, everywhere in all Creation.
My wish for you, wherever you are, is that you are able to
feel the love being offered, allow yourself to reach out for
the love and support you need, allow yourself to reach out to
others to comfort them in their need to feel the love...
and to feel at One with all of Creation.
You are never alone. At any given moment, someone,
somewhere is reaching out with earth angel wings to love you
to a positive result, a happy ending, a better day.
So, even while you may look above for help and guidance in
your time of challenge, look around and let your heart swell
as you welcome the love of your fellow earth angels.
Love and light
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