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This book was channelled, as were the beautiful cards by Ava Jean Lawler-Lunn, a Calgary Intuitive, Counselor and Therapist.

The cards are somewhat abstract and other-worldly, and are designed to teach you how to go within, to connect with a Higher Power and our Higher Self.

You get the cards, the book, which includes a layout template) and complete instructions on how to use the cards as contemplative daily tools or to do a reading for yourself or others.

You get my - until now -"secret" spread or layout, ( the one I have used with my clients for over 30 years).

You also get methods of psychic protection, how to prepare, store and use your cards, how to link the card meanings to the meanings of each area of the spread and much, much more.

This is NOT just another book that tells you the meanings of the cards.

This book and card set helps you do what I DO- by helping you develop your own psychic skills.

A must for anyone on the Ascension path, and for those who want to be of service to others in a soul touching, tangible, loving way!
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