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About Me
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 My name is Jeannie  Lawler-Lunn. 
I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient.
I have been doing intuitive card readings, totem animal sessions and intuitive counseling for more than 30 years.
Now, I am also teaching classes in spiritual and intuitive development for women and men in the Calgary area and by distance study.
My intuitive ability first appeared when I was a child but became very strong when I had a near death experience when in my 30's. 
Later, while camping in Kananaskis, Alberta, a friend gave me a life changing spiritual healing treatment.

After that session, I began to see and communicate with spirit and my readings became much more detailed.
Since then, my abilities have just gotten stronger and I am able to "connect" with people more deeply... soul to soul and heart to heart.
My readings are always given with love and respect for the seeker.  
My deepest desire is to offer useful information, and genuine guidance to those who ask. 
However, I am known to be exceptionally honest in my readings and do not hold back any information
that may be useful to the seeker.
I am  a Christian "seer" and always pray silently before beginning a reading, wrapping myself and the seeker in protection.
Christian seer, Jeannnie, for psychic readings, totem animal readings, intuitive development tools and ascension guidance
I am also a Recreation Therapist, specializing in expressive arts (creative writing, music, guided imagery and art), teacher, speaker,  Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a publisher.
Totem Animal sessions, animal spirit guides, women in ascension,ascension guidance new beginnings, psychic readings, intuitive development

Calgary, AB
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