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About Psychic/Intuitive and Spiritual Development Classes
Calgary Classes or Distance Study
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 " I enjoyed the classes so much, learned a lot and laughed a lot too.  We often went past the end time because we shared so much.  Jeannie brings that out of people- she opens you up and fills you with the wisdom of the ages."  Janice S. (Alberta)

"I took many of my courses through distance study and two in person.  I enjoyed them all but I really loved the small group in person classes. So informal and friendly but so jam packed with information!. I highly recommend." Amy L. (British Columbia)

"She sure knows her stuff! I have taken other courses and even Reiki and can say that her classes on Chakras covered more than I received in my Reiki Class." M.A. ( British Columbia)

"I am currently studying Soul Path Cards reading. I am in England but met Jeannie in Canada for a reading and decided to study with her. Loving the journey." Collette Jenkins, (Shropshire, UK.)

Classes are designed to build upon one another and are not meant to be taken out of order if you intend to study the entire Level One semester.
You do not need to take all of the classes, though.

Chakra Basics is the pre-requisite for all other classes.  Once you have completed this class, you may pick and choose courses or take the complete semester. 
Participants may spread payments out, paying for one course at a time, or receive a discount by paying all at once for entire selection of courses.
Sorry, no refunds for classes missed with less than 7 days' notice.  You will be provided with all class materials and some instructor support, however, with an opportunity to take the test and complete the course.
For those in the Calgary area, classes are run in semesters and the next semester starts in September, 2012
The semester includes:
* Chakra Basics ( opening, subduing and balancing chakras)
* Seeing and Sensing Auras
* Connecting with your Higher Self
* Past Life Exploration for Yourself and with Clients
* Healing Pond Experiential work for Self and Clients
* Learn Shamanic Journeying and Connect to Your Totem Animal
  Spirit. Different between Totem and temporary Spirit guides
* Healing with Colour and Light
* Working with Divining Stones or Witch's Runes- learn how to
  use both the 8 rune and 13 rune sets with amazing results.
* Reading Domestic Cards for Self and Clients
* Soul Path Messages Ascension Cards - channelled cards and
   ascension message - the only cards of their kind.
All classes include lessons, tests, workbook or info package, as well as a working tool, such as crystals, CD's, rune stones, cards, book, etc.  Certificate of completion or each class.
For Calgary Classes, click HERE
Distance Study
Several classes are available by distance.

Courses include all of the same resources as in person classes,  complete with CD's, crystals, rune stone sets, book, cards, etc.
You simply mail or email your test answers to me, along with tour homework, and receive your Certificate of Completion by return mail.
For Distance Study, click HERE

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